Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Encouragement Brings Life

Wow, what an amazing day. The Children were off to school and Steiner Kindergarten. My heart strings pulled all day for Master J as I had left him solely in the care of his teacher and an acquaintance.

Mr J was full of encouragement for Squiggly Rainbow and all that is holds. Squiggly Rainbow is an amazing journey of creativity and spirituality and really has been a lifeline through these challenging months of Autism Spectrum Disorders within my family.

Last night I did some amazing reading following my research on spouses of an Asperger partner. Maxine Aston has written a few books and dedicated amazing research on the effects on Asperger syndrome in an adult relationship. It has been a wonderful blessing to read and realise that I am not alone. Check out Maxine's website...

I even forwarded the links to Mr J and upon reading it - we could have a great discussion and laugh. Knowing we are coming through our challenges and working together is an amazing Godly blessing. The most amazing revelation is that the ability to recognise and concede one's vulnerabilities or weakness actually blesses both partners in a relationship.

So how does this relate to Squiggly Rainbow you may be wondering. Well, my Mr J has been a great source of encouragement to an idea that is completely illogical of time and effort; but a creative enterprise. So, his encouragement has brought life to an otherwise desert of encouragement - and for his Asperger mind to recognise creativity as a fruitful thing is a blessing in itself!

Encouragement brings life and this has been a great day!

These are a pair of Lounge Pants made with gorgeous vintage fabric!  Miss G is a splendid model!

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