Saturday, March 6, 2010

Look, there are your toes

Master J was delighted to see his toes in the Simple Things in Life picture. This was his first harvest from our vegetable gardens this summer - he delighted in lining his basket with a tea towel like his big sister Miss G.

I am amazed in the process his Autistic mind comprehends with the whole vegetable garden experience. We have had early intervention therapy and strategic ways to improve Master J's diet. Since eating solids he has objected to lumps and mush. Opting for white or yellow coloured foods that are crunchy or bland to taste. A classic sensory challenge for AS D's.

So the overwhelmingly exciting progress has been with Master J eating tomatoes and cucumber he has picked from the garden. Master J loved the cucumber so much he lay down with it in his bed for about 30 minutes! He has also started eating hard boiled eggs, albeit white and yellow - but mushy! The experiences of his new Steiner-Waldorf Kindergarten and watching his peers modelling behaviours are paying off.

This brings me to his new Kindergarten pants, beautiful cottons and comfy. Master J loves the bright colours and the comfortable fit. I wonder if anyone is interested in these pants made from vintage fabrics?

Oh I love Saturday mornings... Mr J is home... the children are playing lego and maybe some sewing for me!

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