Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Third Day of Autumn

Hello Hello! Today was a beautiful fresh Autumn morning here... The older two Miss G and Master S are at school and Master J and I collected pine-cones in the local 'forest' to put in our garden beds.

The apple crates lining my front strip of what was once lawn are awaiting to be filled with compost and manure and straw. We have one planted out with spinach and capsicum... Master J is eagerly awaiting harvest time.

My stock pile of beautiful children's attire made from gorgeous vintage fabrics is slowly growing. I wonder how we fit in working amongst being a mother, wife, gardener, personal carer etc. I would love some of your hints to this epic question!

My dreams last night were quite disturbing. I do hope and pray our local community of parents with children on the Autism Spectrum have had blessed day at home with their babes. How can we raise awareness of our Universities and Schools to acknowledge the importance in training our teachers to be knowledgeable and aware of children with disabilities and the diverse needs they have? Surely burying their head in the staff-room is not the answer?

Well we are off to Speech now for Master S and then the afternoon whirlwind of swimming lessons and an after-school play with Miss G's new knitting friend.

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  1. I do believe that educating the educators is a tough ask, Especially with something as multi-faceted as an ASD. However, our whole society is moving toward a liberally inclusive one which incorporates people with varying psychological abilities. I therefore believe it to be in the best interests of ALL children that the school system is structured to reinforce this liberal inclusion. Gone are the days of locking the neuro-atypical away in an asylum because they are too hard to deal with. It is time that society learns to either co-educate or it risks re-inforceing the stereo-type that people with an ASD are either retarded and/or poorly disciplined attention seekers. I think it prudent to remember that without people on the spectrum, many of the technologies we enjoy today (computer, science, train, etc) would not be as advanced. Just my 2c.



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