Friday, April 2, 2010

The Cassandra Affect

Wow, this morning I thought I would 'google'  some reading on the Cassandra Affective Deprivation Disorder (being a wife of an Asperger husband or similar ASD's).  How sad and interesting to read so many women are feeling as I have often, alone and worn out.  But also married to a wonderfully funny and faithful man.  It was disturbing that there has been little support thus far for a common disorder.  When one thinks there is support out there for spouses of alcoholics, gamblers, abuse and accident sufferers - but not such a common disorder in our society.

If you are feeling the affects of being a wife to an Asperger husband, or vice versa for husbands to Aspie wives, it is worth researching that you are not alone.  Stay mindful that it is easier to walk away, but so much more integrous and rewarding to work through a realtionship.  It takes courage and persistence.  I do think we as the spouse need to stay on track and keep positive.  If we cannot receive the emotional connection through our spouse, we may need to gain that energy in other ways and remember our spouse is not intentionally withdrawn.

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