Friday, July 23, 2010

So Many Pretty Things

My gorgeous Master S is returning from his first school camp today, I am very impressed he has made it through the two nights away.  I am trying to rest with this latest bout of influenza - feeling a tad guilty that Master J is being babysat by the television though.

I wanted to share with you lots of pretty things Miss G and I have been creating.  Some of these have been My 10 year old Miss G's ideas, so I am very proud of her.  We began making wreaths out of our baron climbing thorn less rose... these looked great and we adorned our front door with Miss G's creation.  So I decided to make some to put in my stall.  I would love to know what you think of them.  They are a bit eclectic and natural, I wanted to represent a link with nature and our cold winter here.

We picked up some gorgeous wooden boxes from our local cool store that were getting smashed into millions of pieces.  I wish I had picked up more, but my redesigning to a french provincial storage box went very.  Miss G enjoyed watching this restoration process.  My next set worked out much better with a bigger fleur d'elise stamped on both front and sides.  These have been very popular at my stall and come in handy to store all sorts of things.  The 'Mon Potager' boxes are to be used as a small herb garden for your kitchen garden.

Miss G very much blessed me after many discussions about what we really like to be dressed in.  I admitted how much I love cardigans, dresses and the look of red lipstick and flowers in the hair.  Miss G came home after shopping with her own pocket money with a gorgeous gift for me.  It inspired us to make our new Squiggly Hair Pretties which are on sale via emailing me and at The Vintage Shed.

My boys range has taken off, I have found it very difficult to use vintage fabrics for boys... so we are using rare and different bits and pieces.  Master J enjoyed his little modelling shoot for me!

Leave me a note if you have been reading, I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas!
xo  Enjoy your weekend

Monday, July 19, 2010

Beckwith-Wiedemann & My Master S

First week back into the swing of things after two lovely weeks of school holidays and I now remember why I love holidays!  Wow we were busy... Miss G started at her new/old school.  She was there for Prep and Grade 1 and after many issues at the public school, she is back in a caring Christian environment.  It has been delightful to pick up my smiley daughter who has actually enjoyed her school day.  We are so very blessed with her new teacher and I know she will be an amazing role model to Miss G as she too has a close family member with health hiccups.  I rarely use the word disability, to me my children are not disabled - they are very able - just have a few hiccups!

Master S had a day of appointments at Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital.  I have gained great connection from another lovely BWS family who have a blog, check it out in my sidebar.  I thought I would begin to share our journeys too of Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome.  My Master S is now almost 9, so we have a different set with issues going now.  We are beginning the process of major maxillofacial works.  This is oral and orthodontic work.  He will be fitted with an implement that will enlarge his upper jawline this September.  With the size of his tongue still being quite a large size - I am hoping it will not cause him too much discomfort.  We have been told he will have trouble with his speech and eating - I will let you know how he goes!  He is such a brave chap and we have discussed putting together a slide show for his classmates to see.  The long-term goal is orthognathhic surgery; basically jaw surgery.  A complication of the macroglossia (enlargded tongue) is malocclusion of the teeth and the appearance is similar to that of someone with a cleft palate.  He also has an open bite at the front of his mouth and a cross bite at the back of his mouth.

If anyone has a connection to someone with Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome who has had these major maxillofacial works done, please let me know.

I thought I might share some pictures of my Master S and his experiences with Beckwith-Wiedemann - it may be something you can relate to and bring some peace of mind to know someone else out there is dealing with the same stuff.  Each time he gets a tummy ache - I am off to the doctor.  He only gets them once or twice a year, and this week it has been accompanied with loss of appetite.  I try to hide my anxiety, however the thoughts of whilms and hepatoblastoma keep ringing in my head.  So far so good, and we will get another scan this week!

Monday, July 5, 2010

A Treasure Hunt Day

My ruffling of feathers greeted me at the front door this morning, bright and early as I was leaving to buy our weekly food.  What is it about me and confrontation I wonder?  I avoid it at all costs and really hate to hurt people.  After many kind words of advice from friends I was reminded that the truth will set me free.  So it did.  I could share with my dear friend that lilly pilly berries staining her driveway by our boys throwing them really isn't a big problem in life.  A few too many of these incidences did get my goat; and I wanted to shake her up and remind her how blessed she is.  Praise the Lord for wisdom, all is done and dusted and our friendship continues to grow!

Miss G and her cousin did some amazing scrap booking today, we found some old pics of when the girls were 5.  It was a great experience for them to see me in tears sorting through life's issues - I hope one day they remember when they have friendship shakeups.

Finally we could go treasure-hunting!  What a successful hunt we had.  My darling boys found the closest and cosiest armchairs in the Op Shop and aligned them together to make a bed come boat.  Their imaginations were sailing as Miss G and I collected frames, plates and a french provincial planter. 

My dear Grandma gave me one of her knitted little girls who I am naming Sailor Jean.  Sailor Jean will be at The Vintage Shed this week if you want to take her home - she is just adorable.  Finally my celluloid doll project lifted off as I cooked lasagna for dinner this evening.  She has a beautiful headpiece and handmade frock to match!  So cute - I can't wait to make some more.  I remember my one and only show doll as a child - my mum bought it for me at the Melbourne Show.  As I drifted off to sleep as a little girl, she was just so magical to look at.  I hope to create an air of nostalgia with a few of these little darlings in another childs home.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Slippers and Truth

The updated and improved version of my Squiggly Slippers have been adapted from a baby bootee pattern.  I increased the size of my knitting needles and used a thicker ply of yarn.  A gorgeous felt cuff has been sewn to the edge and a ribbon for tightening around the ankle.  Miss R was delighted and skimmed across her kitchen floor like she was figure skating!  So happy with the outcome!

Today has been a lovely day with my darlings and family.  Miss G has her cousin sleeping over after we had to rain check our fortnightly family dinner. Hubby was working and my two boys with ASD out for dinner on my own is not my idea of a fun night!

Dinner and a family movie went well; and all children are snuggled in bed as I type.  The evening has brought some ruffling of feathers.  I so dislike confrontation; unfortunately not being as much of a people pleaser as I have been in the past brings angst to those around me.

I have been so inspired and refocused by reading a wonderful blog; Apron Thrift Girl.  Selena has a wonderful talent for opportunity, creativity and making use of the many resources in our world.  Check it out, I know it will bless you!


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