Sunday, July 4, 2010

Slippers and Truth

The updated and improved version of my Squiggly Slippers have been adapted from a baby bootee pattern.  I increased the size of my knitting needles and used a thicker ply of yarn.  A gorgeous felt cuff has been sewn to the edge and a ribbon for tightening around the ankle.  Miss R was delighted and skimmed across her kitchen floor like she was figure skating!  So happy with the outcome!

Today has been a lovely day with my darlings and family.  Miss G has her cousin sleeping over after we had to rain check our fortnightly family dinner. Hubby was working and my two boys with ASD out for dinner on my own is not my idea of a fun night!

Dinner and a family movie went well; and all children are snuggled in bed as I type.  The evening has brought some ruffling of feathers.  I so dislike confrontation; unfortunately not being as much of a people pleaser as I have been in the past brings angst to those around me.

I have been so inspired and refocused by reading a wonderful blog; Apron Thrift Girl.  Selena has a wonderful talent for opportunity, creativity and making use of the many resources in our world.  Check it out, I know it will bless you!


  1. A true christian believes in Our Lord and is kind to ALL in thought word and deed

  2. Absolutely, however there has only ever been one who has been without sin. Human's can only do their best and may stumble.

  3. Interesting comment, thankyou - there has only ever been one without sin and although it is a great goal to be kind to all in thought, word and deed - we are still human and stumble.



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