Monday, July 5, 2010

A Treasure Hunt Day

My ruffling of feathers greeted me at the front door this morning, bright and early as I was leaving to buy our weekly food.  What is it about me and confrontation I wonder?  I avoid it at all costs and really hate to hurt people.  After many kind words of advice from friends I was reminded that the truth will set me free.  So it did.  I could share with my dear friend that lilly pilly berries staining her driveway by our boys throwing them really isn't a big problem in life.  A few too many of these incidences did get my goat; and I wanted to shake her up and remind her how blessed she is.  Praise the Lord for wisdom, all is done and dusted and our friendship continues to grow!

Miss G and her cousin did some amazing scrap booking today, we found some old pics of when the girls were 5.  It was a great experience for them to see me in tears sorting through life's issues - I hope one day they remember when they have friendship shakeups.

Finally we could go treasure-hunting!  What a successful hunt we had.  My darling boys found the closest and cosiest armchairs in the Op Shop and aligned them together to make a bed come boat.  Their imaginations were sailing as Miss G and I collected frames, plates and a french provincial planter. 

My dear Grandma gave me one of her knitted little girls who I am naming Sailor Jean.  Sailor Jean will be at The Vintage Shed this week if you want to take her home - she is just adorable.  Finally my celluloid doll project lifted off as I cooked lasagna for dinner this evening.  She has a beautiful headpiece and handmade frock to match!  So cute - I can't wait to make some more.  I remember my one and only show doll as a child - my mum bought it for me at the Melbourne Show.  As I drifted off to sleep as a little girl, she was just so magical to look at.  I hope to create an air of nostalgia with a few of these little darlings in another childs home.

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