Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mouth Spacer Day

My gorgeous Master S has just left in tears with my husband for the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.  It is Spacer Day.  He will be fitted with an implement to widen the top of his jaw.  The poor lad is so anxious.

How do you teach your other children to show compassion when they are jealous of that child who needs extra medical treatment?  There seems to be an underlying seed of envy for the attention spent - albeit it is attention Master S would prefer not to have.  I read a lovely blog yesterday - and this kind-hearted Tasmanian Woman was discussing birth order.  It is such an interesting topic.  My first born, Miss G is at times the envious one and loves to be in control.  However the youngest Master J, just wants to do and be everything Master S is... so intriguing!

My day is ahead of me with clearing out cupboards whilst I continue to over analyse our proposed move.  Miss G is baking with her delightful friend - I think French toast is on the menu for breakfast!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bunches of Flowers

Isn't it wonderful to teach little treasures to our children.  Miss G was visiting one of her dear ballet friends yesterday; she had not seen her since late last year.  These two girls are just so delightful and sweet, both aged 11 - they are not full of worldliness - but loveliness.  So my Miss G decided to bring a little gift and remembered how we picked posies of flowers from our garden.  I was so proud of her thoughtfulness and such a simple gift of kindness. 

I found this gorgeous fondue set in the Op-Shop, it didn't have any forks with it, but it did have a miniature sized fondue cookbook!  I just love red, it looks quite Scandinavian.  Now I shall be on a fondue fork hunt!

Melbourne weather has been very erratic in the past 48 hours.  I am busting to get into the garden and Mister J has lots of paving to do.  He did fix the retaining wall in-between showers - for Him being a non-gardener I was quite impressed.  I did get a spot of pruning in aswell -  I love being outdoors - it is so refreshing.

This is some gorgeous fabric I picked up, it will become a couple of sun-dresses.  I will embellish it with a gorgeous blue stripe cotton and some French ric-rac.  Miss G and I have also been replenishing our stock pile of hair pretties, I just love embellishing them with tulle.

This afternoon brings visiting a friend and checking out her latest beautiful creations that she will be bringing to The Vintage Shed in Tyabb in a few weeks.  Leftovers for dinner and Miss G has a beautiful friend coming for a sleepover. xo

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Escape and Catching Up

 I have been re-reading my blog and the few blogs I follow very regularly.  I now realise what a wonderful escape and outlet it is to write and share amidst our daily travels.  So I am going to try and share a snippet each day!

So much has been happening - major life changing decisions are being made in this household.  Following your heart and desires placed upon it - I am learning - are not always that easy.  We have a beautiful home on a tiny block in lovely part of Victoria.  However space is lacking for our children to explore and learn of the worlds natural wonders.  We can hear all the goings on of our street and sudden wake up noises in the night are not my idea of peace.

With prayer and conversations in our home - we are being lead to relocate.  This is very exciting and also causes disturbance for one of my Asperger boys.  We are treading interesting waters - but know there is not a future here for us.  Schools are limited and the price of land is crazy.  Yarra Ranges here we come!  We should be on the market by the end of this month.

On a more creative and fun note.... my room of the house is a hub of creation!  Boys pants cut out, summer dress fabrics are being collected.  Trims of ric-rac hanging off my table, Christmas decoration plans and Squiggly Hair Pretties galore.  

Miss G is my wonderful assistant - I love her creative ideas to fuel my inspiration.

Miss G and Master S both had their birthdays, it is such a busy time of year.  We visited Tessselaars Tulip farm in Silvan yesterday - it was lovely.  The Gnome hunt was our favourite attraction!  So many beautiful pics of the children.  We just missed the rain and the light was amazing for wonderful shots.

Our willow bird-cages and hearts are a new favourite at The Vintage Shed and it is so funny trying to source willow with my children when we go out in the car.  I love all the escapades with nature we experience together!  This was the willow we visited on our trip to Leongatha for my Oma and Opa's 60th wedding anniversary.

My Willow Bird Cage and a try of Christmas Angels, not sure if I like these Angels though!

Lastly, Master S has continued his maxillofacial works - he should be fitted with the spacer finally in the next few weeks.  I am hoping this does not cause him any eating issues, I will keep you posted.

Spring is slowly springing upon us - the sweet smell in the air and excitement it brings are fabulous.  I love this picnic time of year. xo


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