Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mouth Spacer Day

My gorgeous Master S has just left in tears with my husband for the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.  It is Spacer Day.  He will be fitted with an implement to widen the top of his jaw.  The poor lad is so anxious.

How do you teach your other children to show compassion when they are jealous of that child who needs extra medical treatment?  There seems to be an underlying seed of envy for the attention spent - albeit it is attention Master S would prefer not to have.  I read a lovely blog yesterday - and this kind-hearted Tasmanian Woman was discussing birth order.  It is such an interesting topic.  My first born, Miss G is at times the envious one and loves to be in control.  However the youngest Master J, just wants to do and be everything Master S is... so intriguing!

My day is ahead of me with clearing out cupboards whilst I continue to over analyse our proposed move.  Miss G is baking with her delightful friend - I think French toast is on the menu for breakfast!


  1. Good luck Master S!

    I remember loving that feeling of being part of a little gang with my brothers. And despite all the rivalry, envy and hurt feelings (we squabbled quite a bit) when it mattered we stuck up for each other. I also remember hounding my mum to tell me who her favourite child was - she (of course) always responded that she loved us equally, but I was never satisfied with that answer - I wanted to be her favourite!

  2. I felt the same way! I was mortified as a teenager to discover my father had 'secretly' told each of his 5 children we were his favourite!



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