Sunday, October 31, 2010

4 Things

The lovely Sarah from Oesch & Doots tagged me to reveal 4 things you may not know about me.  I must say first of all how much I am loving getting to know and read so many wonderful blogs.  It is amazing to share with all of you who are raising your babes aswell!

Leave your 4 Things in the comment box!  I would love to hear about you. xo

1.  I was blonde as a child, actually quite strawberry - and now I am not quite sure!  I have had a few close to me regard my vagueness of a busy life as being blonde.  Who knows - maybe there is something to it!  Or maybe it is just the relaxed European bloodline!

2.  I love foxgloves.  I have had a few planted in the garden and after 3 years, they are standing over a metre tall.  Master J and our neighbour Master E are fascinated by them.  I imagine the flowers in Beatrix Potters stories as being little gloves for the foxes.

3.  My confidence in myself is growing - and with Squiggly Rainbow it is growing even more.  I still have anxious days and still feel - you know - insecure about things.  Maybe it is coming of age.  I am so enjoying my thirties.  I actually have forgotten lately how old I am.  Miss G was discussing it with me in the car on her way home from school yesterday. "Mum - you are actually really young - some peoples mothers are actually 50".  She did have to remind me how old I actually am.  Are you wondering now? He he!

Okay and number 4.... A deeper note - I am sure you can tell by now I like a bit of depth in conversations!
My childhood was pretty dysfunctional.  My father left when I was 6 - and then my mother remarried a horrible man who is now actually in prison for hurting his 4 daughters.  Praise God - he did not ever hurt me.

Wow - there you go!  I prefer thinking about foxes wearing flower gloves than the last item!

I feel so very blessed for my life now - and know I am looked after by the Big Guy above.  My husband is wonderful and we have three beautiful babes.  And I have foxgloves to look at out of my windows! 

PS - The magic number is 32. xo

Tell me about you!


  1. Lovely post Squiggly - I'm so glad you accepted the tag. And I really like the way you simplified it to just 4 things (the 4x4 things was too much!).

    Interesting that you wrote about the "vagueness of a busy life" - I am the opposite of blonde (my hair is almost black) but my own vagueness irritates me. I wish I could be more on the ball sometimes, but recently I've been thinking that it's just a mum thing - so many things to do and only one (fabulous) brain afterall...

    Your posts often make me feel a little sad and happy all in the one moment, and this one did too... My parents divorced when I was about 4 and it broke my heart. For my entire childhood, every time I blew the candles out, every time I saw the first star, everytime I won the wishbone battle, I would wish that we'd be all together again...

    And I should have known you'd be a foxglove girl! So whimsical!

    Love your new header too!

  2. Oh Sarah - you make me cry! I was just thinking of you and if we met we'd feel like we know each other!

    Yes, I do recall those feelings very deeply. Isn't it amazing how much destruction parents separating causes! I remember placing my parents cutlery side by side (we had kiddy cutlery) and seating them together during access visits hoping they would reconcile.

    Your 4 x 4 was amazing and I love the way you think! xo Much love

  3. This was such a great little tag to play along with wasnt it!? I did '4 things' a few weeks back too. It was nice to come over to visit and see this post straight away :)

  4. I never realised when we were friend just how parents seperating can affect you. Your family was always to happy and loving and you wouldn't realise that there was no father figure in your life as such. Your mother did a wonderful job. When my parents seperated when I was 22 it shattered me, not cause my dad had left but at 22 you really understand, you get why the seperation has happened.

    I first met you in grade 5 at the local Primary School. We became very very good friends through the end of primary school and then high school. Missed you like crazy when you were fortunate enough to go overseas to Canada for an exchange program. Had many good parties over the years, even one if I can recall where you were thrown in our pool by some strong hunky guys !!!
    Havent kept in touch any where near as much as we should but am very proud of how well your Squiggly Rainbow is going. Who am I ??

    By the way there is nothing wrong with being 32 its a great number, closer to 33 though !!! XXXX Love to you all.

  5. Mmm - am thinking Shelly Kelly, Tottie or Ads xox



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