Saturday, October 30, 2010

Apple Tree, Apple Tree; Will the Apple Fall on me...

Apple tree, apple tree, will the apple fall on me?  I learnt this little ditty at university when I returned to study three years ago to be a kindergarten teacher.  Each time I think about apples - this comes to mind.  This gorgeous apple tree has been saved from my sister-in-laws house.  We transplanted it while dormant - it stands over two metres tall.  Is it not amazing what one can do when determined?  Mister J was at work while I dragged it through the garage and replanted the tree.  Many doubted the tree would survive the move.  I am happy to show you the pictures of the blossom and leaves that are abundantly growing!

My gorgeous Master S spent some time at his aunts and played in the yard with her chickens.  Master S also overcame his petting zoo fears at Children's Day.  The anticipated move has caused great amounts of anxiety for Master S.  He announced he would love some chickens - I assured him we could once we have a larger yard.  Master S was so determined to have some sooner and went about building this lovely chicken coop!

I love the light in these pictures - and Master S was so happy being outdoors.  Here is Otto my gnome looking after the apple tree.  I am wondering if the new owners will allow me to pick up the apple tree next winter and move it again while it is dormant.

Master J accompanied Master S and I to the Royal Children's Hospital for a check on the maxilla spacer.  I was wondering how many Beckwith-Wiedemann patients are being seen at the RCH.  All is going very well with the spacer.  Master S has a large gap now between his teeth, two more weeks of winding - and then it needs to stay in for another few months.

Where we go from there I am unsure - I think it may be a plate.  Master J declared he wanted to move in to the Royal Children's and live there.  This was immediately following our discovery of a different playground we had not been to before.  Much better than McDonalds - this gorgeous playground is surrounded by a sensory garden.  Sensory gardens are one of my most favourite things in the world.  It is something I only learnt of at university and through our Steiner experience.  I have aimed to make our garden into a sensory garden.  Yesterday Master J enjoyed picking wild strawberries after his jump on the 'jumpoline'.  

Master S introduced Master J to the Starlight room.  I was feeling a little dismal that they were so attracted to the computer games.  Right next to the game console was this wonderful glockenspiel.  Master S then played a wonderful rendition of Waltzing Matilda and my dismay disappeared!

And then Master S noticed some wall art on the building.  I love it when we have these creative experiences together!

When visiting the Royal Children's, if you need some free parking, head straight up Gatehouse Street.  Mister J discovered this little spot about a 200 metre walk from the main entrance.  We enjoyed the sunshine filled walk (perhaps we wouldn't so much on a rainy day like today).  Then I saw my dream car!!!  When I was 18 and buying my first car - I so wanted a VW Bug.  If I was who I am now, back then; I would have bought one.  I did listen to the opinions of Mister J and my father.  Maybe once the kids have all grown up hey!

Back to the sensory garden.  Miss G is loving Junior Masterchef and decided to cook chicken schnitzel last night for dinner.  Master J was so excited to pick herbs from our garden and even took a mouthful of rosemary - needles to say he found it a tad tasty!  Miss G is now contracted to be the cook of crumbed chicken - it was divine and gave mine a run for my money.

Update on the move....  Mister J has almost finished the paving and then we will be on the market!  Yay!  Anxiety got the better of me last week - but the day finished up with a wonderful dinner at the children's new school.  Each year the new prep families are welcomed into the school with a dinner to meet teachers and other new parents.  This was such a blessing to me. Once there I felt at home and was reminded of why we are making such a big change for our family.

Here is the note that was attached to the bonbonniere we were given.  Happy rainy Melbourne day everyone. xo


  1. Gorgeous post Squiggly. Congratulations on your apple tree - I have no luck with transplanting things and lost an old rose when we had to uproot it for some plumbing work which happened earlier this year. It was sad to realise that it wasn't going to 'wake up' this spring.

    I'm going to follow your sensory garden link - as a landscape architect (and as a mum whose currently choosing plants for the back yard) I'm really interested in this!

    I've tagged you to post '4 things' about yourself - if you're interested (but no pressure!)

    Have a lovely rainy weekend!


  2. Hi Rach,
    I tried to find that playground at the children's hospital the other day. My poor kids had suffered a 90 minute drive for a dismal 10 minute appointment and of course we needed to make the return trip. After being told about it and given brief directions we went on a hunt, but to no avail. It sounds devine and far supperior to the Macca's playground that we had to resort to.
    The tree looks gorgeous! And i love that little note that you got with your bonbonniere. Definately makes you feel welcome. Good luck with the big move. I am sure it will all work out perfectly for you.
    Talia xx

  3. So yesterday Stephen is sitting at the bench and he says:

    "Hannah I think you should know something, *Master S* is moving to the country, I think we should go too"

    I think he is right!

    Much love, Hannah oxox

  4. I think he is right too Hannah!!

    Thanks lovely ladies for your support xoxox



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