Saturday, October 2, 2010


I have been so blessed by my husband in the last 48 hours.  His kind words of encouragement and a bit of help around the house have helped so much.  It is amazing to realise how much I do bounce off encouragement.  Are we all like this?

Miss G had her 11th birthday party with her friends today.  We had a great time - one thing I most want to mention was Mr J's clean-up.  I took the girls to the movies after lunch, Mister J dropped the boys at their aunts.  When the girls and I returned, Mister J had run the vac around; washed the dishes and re-set the table with clean plates and glasses and a jug of water ready for cake.  Wow - I was impressed!  Blessed!

My darling Miss G has the silkiest snow-white blonde hair - not a bounce of curl.  She loves to dress up and be a girl, so she went to bed last night with her hair in little buns to have a head of curly locks today.  I must say, she would make a wonderful Goldilocks indeed!

Miss G chose a ladybird cake and the trip to the movies.  The car ride was fun - the movie a challenge to get through 'Despicable Me'.  It ended up with a nice moral to the story - although tedious to begin with.  The kids liked it - thank-goodness!  Master J helped me wrap the pass-the-parcel; as we instructed by Miss G that we still needed party games at age 11.  I admit I am so glad she still wants these things.

Master S always seems to shy away from the lime-light and chose to go to his cousins to watch his team win.

I love this shot of the girls on our way back to the car! 

My darling friend and Miss G's bestie came from Loch to share the day.  Miss H,  who is 11 1/2  made the most lovely card.  I had to share with you her writing and photographic skills.  It brought tears to my eyes reading Miss H's words to Miss G.  I feel so blessed to have a wonderful friend and our daughters are best friends.  We don't live out of each others pockets and I like it like that.  We are and always have been a phone call or quick drive away.  We always chat about what matters, no small talk or materialistic natter.  Love, life, tears and laughs.  Thank you C.

Tomorrow I will hit the Bittern Market and sit with my friend at her stall.  Didn't this Parisian fabric turn out well?  I am able to make four dresses out of the amount I purchased.  This is the first one off the machine.  xo


  1. Thankyou Aunty R, you have a way with words xox
    hmay :)

  2. hmay, thankyou my lovely - love you xoxox Aunty R xoxox



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