Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

So much for my blogging each day!  I wanted to say hello and let you know so much is happening!  Busy is good sometimes, and it is good at the moment.  As soon as it is too much - I tend to cancel appointments and hibernate!

This morning was a great day in Hastings for children's day.  I was able to catch up with some lovely ladies and enjoy the sunshine.  Master J ran off on me many a time.  I kind of feel a little bad that these days that I don't worry.  In the past I would not even venture out - as Master J would disappear and had no road sense - I would come home having a panic attack.  Now at 5 - he does not go too far - usually to the last repetitive activity he was at before I dragged him away.  I am thankful for the sun and continue to be amazed how joyful being outside is especially when the sun is shining.  It is food for my soul.

These drummers were wonderful, from the local high school.  Master J was not very.

I bumped into another local mother with one Asperger child (and possibly her second who is going through a diagnosis).  It was great chatting - and I was saddened by her news of a marriage separation.  I have read that the statistics for marriage breakdown are so very high when one partner has an ASD.  I am so thankful for my husband and our commitment to each other - and that we are both willing to put our pride aside and do what it takes.

Ladies skirts are finally hot off my machine - I made three yesterday afternoon.

Another little pinny for a 2 to 3 year old as well - I must say this is my favourite.

This afternoon brings hanging out the washing, attempting to get Master J to do some drawing and then it will be school time.  We are having a school night sleepover.   Miss M, the children's cousin was so confident as to ask me if she could take me up on my offer of a school night sleepover.  It sounds exciting to have someone else make your lunch and take you to school when you are 11!

I almost forgot to mention my first trip to Casey Race.  Miss G had two birthday parties there on the weekend.  My Master J is quite timid with pools, but the amazing water play areas were fantastic.  What a wonderfully designed venue for all ability groups. xo

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  1. Hi Rach.

    Thanks for your blog. The photos are great. You are the sweetest.

    See you in the morning.

    Thanks to the people reading that are looking after the two boys tonight (Thursday).
    You guys are fantastic.

    Take Care everyone else.
    Mr J.



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