Thursday, October 14, 2010


What makes you feel happy?  I had a chat with hubby last night about what makes his heart sing.  Yesterday I had an op-shopping afternoon while Master J was at kindergarten.  I came across this amazing childrens book full of the most magical illustrations.  Just looking through the book at all the pictures made my heart come alive.  It was quite surprising even to myself!  Such a simple thing - so much joy.  Tell me - what makes you happy?

Mister J and I talked about the move last night.  It is so exciting, such a faithful experience - can be scary at times too!  My requests are space and light.  We need a home with lots of natural light - is does crazy things to my brain!

Ok, so here are some picture updates of the last week.  So many things going on.  I am most excited about my spoon creations.  I would like to say the whole idea was not mine alone - but it is a  modification of some artwork I saw through Meet Me at Mikes blog.  I just love this blog and all the amazing works of creation Pip has going on.

So here is the tidying of my craft space, and after three days I have managed to keep it in order.



Spring looks great from my bedroom window.

A typical Autistic presented dinner in my home.

Across the dinner table, Miss G looking adorable with her four-year-old kindergarten picture in the background.

Miss G's experiment with photography on an excursion to the Royal Botanic Gardens - I was quite proud.

I am off to The Vintage Shed now - a big restocking of the stall.  Will try and get some good pics up for you all.

Also stay tuned for an amazing act of kindness emailed through to me by another 12 year old! xo

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