Friday, October 1, 2010

Last Day of Holidays

This is the last official day of our September school holidays - this is both good and bad.  Good because I am exhausted.  Bad because I really would have loved to get to spend some quality time with my children.  We have spent so much of our time catching up with friends and relatives - we are worn out and even a tad grumpy.

I was thinking about the word solace this morning.  Solace is something I am so yearning for - peace and contentment.  It may be just me, but amidst the hustle of even a smallish town on the outskirts of Melbourne - I find it too busy.  I am dreaming and praying for some acres.  I can't wait to be more self sufficient and enjoy country life!

To escape the chaos of my home these last few days, the housework has been building as I buried my head at my sewing machine.  I just needed some brain time and the natter of my sewing machine was enough to lull away the chaos.  It was so exciting creating a frock out of this gorgeous Parisian fabric I found from French Collector Septembre Vintage.  The tree fabric also became a divine little sundress - I wish it fit me!

Some exciting news also came yesterday that I am able to extend my stall at The Vintage Shed in Tyabb!  It is exciting to start planning for that.  I have lots of shopping to do to fill it with stock.

Spacer day was actually not yesterday.  Master S will be fitted next week, so stay tuned for the photographs!

I will be at the Bittern Market this Sunday sitting in on a friends stall.  I will have some gorgeous bits and pieces there too - I'll be taking down some Squiggly Skirts, Pants and Vests. xo


  1. Hey Rach,
    I love reading your blog. I too am so yearning for something different. Somewhere where i can be more of who i want to be and less of who i feel at times i am forced to be. I want to slow down, reconnect with Tyson and help him connect with Phoenix and Ashlee, and become more self sufficient and less reliant on the external factors.
    We are talking of a move too but we are planning for a move up North to Port Douglas or it's surrounds, but i have to wait untill 2012 and i have to keep it top secret for the time being (Lol, obviously i'm not very good at that). I hope that everything goes smoothly for you in your move.
    Talia xx



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