Friday, October 15, 2010

Me and Aspergers

I have been thinking all day what I could share with you.  I think it is about time to chat about what life is like from my point of view with three Asperger males in my home.

Well, it is pretty exciting.  Mostly because I always know where I stand.  They are always honest - I may not like to hear the truth though!  Before we knew we were contending with Asperger's - I often felt like I could never make my family happy.  I really did lose myslef for many years.  I lost my creativity.  I lost my confidence.  I became a bit depressed and neglected all the things that make me me.  If I gardened or created something - Mister J would think it was a waste of time.  Why would someone be creative?  How could I keep myself being myself with such negative feedback while I also was committed to make my family work.

Knowledge is power.  Thankfully we read some wonderful books and after some specialist appointments, our home is now proud to say we have two neuro-typical, creative and at times flamboyant females.  And three amazing males with Asperger's who are brilliantly minded and musical.  We might not always understand each other, but really that is pretty normal.  We do have respect for each other.  We have a greater understanding of why I like flowers and Mister J, Master S and Master J like numbers.

Knowledge has allowed creativity to return.  We no longer have resentment because it may appear I am wasting my time creating.  I am feeling so free.  This is how Squiggly Rainbow came to become.  Miss G named our little business and I just love it - such an oxymoron.  Rainbow's aren't squiggly - but they kind of are in our home! xo


  1. Rachael,
    Thanks for sharing this post. It really sounds like you've had quite the motherhood journey and it's so great to read "I am feeling so free". I think you're right, knowledge and acceptance yield freedom.

    We certainly have diverse needs and talents in our family too, and while we don't have a formal 'diagnosis' of AS, my 4yo certainly shows some 'signs'. She's very intense and has always been such a challenge to parent but I think just recently we are forgetting about the labels a bit and just responding to what she needs. And I'm not complaining - there's SO much joy in being her parent too.

    And I love the name squiggly rainbow - sounds like it sums up your family beautifully.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Tesselaar Tulip Festival! is this a recent picture? u guys look so good! i must catch up once semester is over! miss u all!!!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! My grandmother and my older brother (32yr)had/have aspergers. I love how you talk about it in a positive way. Thanks again!

  4. Thankyou lovelies for your encouragement xo

  5. Hey Rach, thanks so much for sharing! I absolutely love the way you wrote that you and Miss G are neuro-typical...I'm a person who believes there is no such thing as normal just that everyone is different and unique in their own way so yes thank you for sharing!

  6. Hi Rachael,
    I came across your lovely stall at The Vintage Shed! Then that inspired me to find your blog.
    I have read as far as here and I just wanted to say WOW what an inspiration you are.
    I love places that have good meanings behind their names - and Squiggly Rainbow is brilliant.
    Congrats to you and wishing you lots of success and creative fun for the future.
    best wishes always Catherine xo

  7. Thankyou Catherine for looking up my blog! It means alot - and is a huge part of what I am inspired to do through the stall - would love to create and blog together! Rachael xo

  8. Hi Squiggle Chick.

    Love yr blog!

    I can find better photos to represent "You and Aspergers". You can e-mail me privately for this.

    That man in the photo looks very uncomfortable. I am assuming this is Mister J.
    Must be the 100kg he has been carrying for the last 2 years.
    Has your cooking improved and he is eating more or, has a Large Double Quarter meal without Onion taken away any consistency issues (which aspergerites can relate).


    Hope to see you again at the next "I'm a little bit shy" concert. Will you come all the way to Heathcote? that's Sallys next gig.
    You haven't mentioned the Melbourne gig much but it was great to see you there, albeit from the other side of the room.

    Getting late here so God Bless U and Ill introduce myself properly next time.

    To all of the other fans of the Squiggly Chick, This is a great tool to build up people and encourage them in their pursuits.
    Have a go at your own blog and experience the blessings of sharing.

    Sorry about my rambling, I have wanted to post a comment for the first time but "I'm a little bit shy". Even in text.

    Lots of SquigSquags and all the best.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Or is this Sally? How fun!

    Maybe Patrick, Meg, Rachel, Adam - oh my mind is ticking! So is Miss G's! (:

    Thanks for your comment and I'm a little bit shy too!

  11. Its the Husband of the Ewe Lamb!



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