Saturday, October 16, 2010

Too Much Creativity = Space Cadet

Having so much creativity going on in my brain can at times get me into trouble.  I am very thankful my husband is so logical.  I was so excited this morning to have found so many treasures at garage sales.  Some of the items really needed a good scrub - so I thought the dishwasher was the perfect place.  Does it not sound logical to put rusty old metal objects in a hot dishwasher to get all of the dust and cobwebs off?

Well - I thought it did.  They all came up a treat.  I found a fabulous metal set of 12 tiny drawers - they definitely had to be clean to fit buttons and the like inside!

The treasures were perfectly clean after the wash and still showing their rusty appearance.  Mister J enters the kitchen.  Ooops!

Some of the treasures apparently contained lead and there were tiny flakes of metal all through the dishwasher.  Oh dear - I felt like a little girl in trouble!  It is funny to me as I share this - I have so much creativity going on that I truly do become a space cadet!  Mister J has cleaned the dishwasher and asked me kindly to leave - a perfect opportunity to put the new treasures at The Vintage Shed!

I am very thankful when I have these mishaps - Mister J can come to the rescue!

Now these are part of the reason for some of my creative-brain!  I am so happy with these cute little ornaments!  Do you like them?

This bird spoon is my favourite, we will keep this one.  Hope your Saturday is great! xo

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