Friday, October 8, 2010

What makes you tick?

What makes you feel happy?  I would really love to know even the simplest things my readers feel blessed about.  It is definitely the little things that rock my boat. The sunshine of course, cuddles with my children and time with my husband.  But another thing that really blesses me and makes me tick is random little bits of kindness.  Are not these forks with a pearl handle just divine?  They are a little bit of kindness I was given this week - together with another few of sets of wooden knitting needles to add to my collection.


Kindness really goes such a long way.  The two ladies who gave me these little giftlings - probably don't know what it meant.  So I encourage you all to remember how our kindness can just light up someone's day - even if  it would not bright up yours.

This is my Grandma's old jug - just suits perfectly displaying my needles when I am not knitting.  The 'Spring' book in the background is a Steiner-Waldorf inspired book with great seasonal activities to do with children - I love it!

The stall is looking wonderful - I have an appointment tomorrow morning with the local garage sales.  I am so excited for what treasures I may find!


I must give an update on Master S and his maxilla spacer.  My brave boy ventured for yet another Royal Children's Hospital visit with Dad yesterday.  I have since heard that many children are actually fitted with these contraptions.  However a child with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome is  at a disadvantage of their tongue not having full mobility post tongue reduction surgery.  We were told prior to surgery that tongue mobility would not be affected - however this is something that has happened with our Master S.  I cannot believe it has been 8 years since tongue reduction surgery.

Eating thus far is a bit of a problem as Master S is particularly sensitive to certain foods.  This is a common characteristic of Autism Spectrum Disorders due to sensory processing issues.   It is painful to watch your child have to deal with these challenges.  We feel very blessed that these are the worst of our children's health challenges. If we had to chose - these would be on our list of special needs!

Here is a picture story of Master S and the first 18 months of our Beckwith-Wiedemann Journey...


  1. Looks like your dear Master S has had a very rough trot - so many hospital visits for someone so young. I do wish him all the best with his new spacer... It sure looks like he has an amazing mum!

    And here's to 'giftlings'. Such a cute word. I have been enjoying the most over the top spectacular bunch of rununculis (I'm sure the spelling's wrong) this week, given to me by a friend, who picked them from her mum's garden. They still look so fresh and they've made me smile all week.

    Have a lovely weekend - happy treasure hunting!


  2. Thanks Sarah xo 'giftlings' just came from my fingertips as I typed tonight! Hehe, I like it too! Enjoy your weekend too xo

  3. Hey Rach,

    Those pictures put a little ache in my heart, especially the one of him following surgery, but then the high chair smile at the end made it all ok again. He is such a brave little (or not so little any more) boy. And well done to you for bringing him all the love and support that he needs to be that brave little boy.

    Talia xx

  4. Hi Rachh,

    It's wonderful what you are doing and I love reading your blog it's so great! How is your newest creation going?

    Luv Phe



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