Friday, November 12, 2010

Dollar Wise Decorating

I don't know about you - but I find it difficult to go and spend  money on something if I can do it myself.  I read through magazines and blogs for creative inspiration.  We have had estate agents through yesterday and today ready to go on the market.  To my surprise they have all commented on various bits and pieces adorning our home.  All of them were little things we have made.  Really; the reason I made things to start with was to not spend money but I wanted my home to feel warm and inviting.  Then I realised how much I enjoy to create and it hasn't stopped.  

So I thought I would share with you a couple of things I have done in the last two days and how much they cost me.  If you are not that creative - just open a magazine and get some ideas.  Everyone will love noticing something different in your home - something that is not store bought!  Ooohh - that makes me think about Christmas... I have some Christmas ideas I will share with you in the coming days!

One of the agents looking at our house conceded new buyers may have no idea about vegetable gardens and suggested I label all the vegies.  I sat down and google searched ideas and found this one care of Martha Stewart.   I didn't have small enough stamps and buying some especially would have defeated the purpose of saving money.  So I used a permanent marker in black and found the smoothest pebbles in our paths I could. Cost of this project was free as I had the materials!  Below is the new herb garden all planted out and looking great.

I have loved this poster from the first time I saw it - me being frugal didn't want to spend the overpriced amount.  Thanks to Country Style magazine this was free as a tea towel!  I picked the frame up at a garage sale for $2 - some Cath Kidston paper as a background matte which cost $3 and voila a framed print with character for $5.

The table is not quite finished - I will take a better picture and show you soon.  You get the idea though.  It cost me $5 at the tip - a coat of white paint and some more Cath Kidston paper decoupage on top.  It looks so cute.  The lamp base was given to me by my grandparents.  I just love its simplicity.  The shade was also given to me - not that attractive with a beige fleck through it.  I painted the shade and with a calligraphy pen I messily wrote in my handwriting one of my favourite little ditties.  The vase is an tall jar pureed tomatoes come it - nice and tall - and free!  This whole project cost if you count glue and paper and paint less than $10.

Another wonderful blog is an American blog by Selena titled Apron Thrift Girl.  Selena is wonderful at being thrifty and has lots of wonderful advice.  Do you have any projects you can share with me?  I love reading all your comments too.  If you have been reading and not commented - please do! xo


  1. Hi Rach,
    I totally agree with you. I find it really hard to spend money on things when i know or feel that i can do it myself. My problem always tends to be getting around to doing it. It takes me so long to get things done sometimes that it drives me and everyone else nuts.
    I am in search of my creative self at the moment. I have started doing pottery which i am loving. My self appointed assignments at the moment are kids plate, bowl and cup sets. I am making one for each of my kids and then i am going to give them as christmas gifts. The beauty of these is that i actually have to leave the house to do the pottery so i have uninterrupted time every week, thus i know it will get done.
    I thoroughly enjoy coming up with little things that i can do myself, or finding them as you do in magazines and blogs but that seems to be where all my time goes. Maybe i need to spend more time on doing, less time on finding!
    Still loving your blog, even have withdrawals if you don't write for a few days, lol.
    Talia xx

  2. Thanks Talia xoxo Those pottery sets sound so lovely - how special! I have been having withdrawls from writing!! So busy this week. Love to you x



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