Monday, November 22, 2010

The Great Australian Dream

What is your dream? Do you have a great day and breath in and out and be thankful for what you have?

 I did that today.  The sprinkler, fun, watering the vegetables, cuddles with my kids, a husband that cares and chatting with friends.  What a blessed day.  I wish each day was so simple.  I feel when I am creating - things are simple.  Then; I have to accommodate people.  Oh dear - then things seem to get unstuck.  Mmmm - not all the time - just sometimes!

I am so thankful for life's simple pleasures - these are the things that make me most happy.  What makes you happy?

The transplanted apple tree is growing apples.  I can't believe how exciting this is!  Apparently there are three different varieties of apples on this tree.  I am planning on preserving them with the children.  We have never preserved fruit - this should be a memorable moment in time!

Christmas is coming, our house is for sale, we need to find a new house to live in.... I need to decorate the Christmas tree... do the Christmas shopping, organise the household, pack, move, be a mother and wife ...... aaahhhhhhhhh !

My solace will be in cuddling and enjoying my family and weaving heart wreaths for my stall at The Vintage Shed.

How is your week? xo

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