Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Have Missed You my Blog!

Hello!  Yes, we are still here.  So busy getting ready for inspections and house photo's.  Always wanting to pull out the paints, sewing machine or paper and make a mess where I have already cleaned up!

Hooley dooley!  I am learning so much about myself each day.  The lesson lately is that my brain seems not to handle stress.  I get this adrenalin thing happening, can't sleep and oh dear - very cranky.  Poor Mr J.  Here's praying the next couple of months will be smooth!  The house should be online next week.

On a practical note I discovered a decoupage trick.  I was having problems with bubbles in my work.  Drying the item in the direct sunlight seems to allow the paper to shrink back a little and bubbles disappear.  I had to cover a disaster up with some fabric.  It looks very cute now - and no-one would know!  This is the disaster before fabric.

I upcycled the cutest little telephone table I picked up during a fleeting visit to my hometown.  I just can't seem to do black though.  Out came the can paint, some decoupage and a re-upholster!  Voila - the Little Red Riding Hood setee...

Here is a snapshot of last nights first bbq with the paving finished.  Lots of fun - one glass of red too much for me though! xo

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