Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Move

We took a trip up last week to Gembrook to look at some land.  Mister J liked it - I thought 30 acres of bush was a bit too bushy.  These are the surrounding areas - just beautiful.  I am so excited for the coming months.  We have been discussing our new pets - some chickens and dogs.  Both boys want a dog each - two miniature dachshunds.  I think they have decided on calling them Slinky and Sizzles.  I was hoping for Poppy, Olive or the like!

Master S has been blessed today with his new teacher making a one hour trip to visit.  I have never heard of a teacher being prepared to come to the school of a new pupil to initiate the transition process.  Miss G even enjoyed the meeting and became more curious for her place at the new school.  Master J has his prep transition day tomorrow - I will see if Miss G will accompany us too!

The paving is done!  Hallelujah!  The children and I sat at our new little table and enjoyed our dinner.  The new herb garden is planted out - and I do hope we will get to enjoy some of its fruits before we move.  Master S has found his new love of mowing the lawn with the push mower.  Our back yard is looking so lovely now.

Time to create has been very limited whilst getting the house ready for sale.  I have been selling some of my decoupage work on ebay though.  It's success has been very encouraging with more orders coming in.  Here is a gorgeous little retro coffee table with 1950's Roy Rogers comic strip on top.  It is very therapeutic getting my hands all glued up and smoothing paper!  Happy Spring evening to you all. 


  1. rach!! where r u going?? i haven't met up with u...

  2. What a fantastic sounding school, so supportive and community minded. Love the table, and your garden looks gorgeous too. Good luck with the sale!

  3. Our family is relocating to around the Yarra Ranges!



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