Sunday, November 28, 2010

My China Doll

My China doll had her ballet photographs today.  I did get the most magnificent shot of her and wanted to share it - however Miss G was very shy  for it to go blog public.  I feel like I am painting an exquisite china doll when I put Miss G's stage make-up on.  I remember when she was a newborn I felt like I was holding a tiny porcelain doll.  So I snapped these quick shots this afternoon - so fine.

Another moment of progress was Master J using a knife and fork for the first time - and also trying a new dinner.  Egg on toast with a happy face!  Foods overlapping and mixed together usually do not go down well at all for Master J - so this was a huge breakthrough! 

I made my most favourite little frock ever last night.  I wish I could make it in my size - one day when I find the right fabric I just might!  How sweet is this...

Re-reading some Steiner/Waldorf blogs inspired me to make some felt costume crowns for kids.  I will be making them for my nieces and nephews for Christmas - they are just adorable.  So good to know they won't snap in half like plastic ones.  These are in the stall at the moment.

I received a new comment this afternoon from someone who visited The Vintage Shed today.  My aim of blogging and creating and uniting the two together has started to come to fruition - with my first 'non-friend' commenting on the blog!  If you are reading and enjoying - or want to leave a note - please do.  It is a great encouragement to me!  xo


  1. just keep going ..your worlds divine...i love the crowns and your babys are so happy.

  2. We've had recent knife and fork useage at our place too! And I'd completely given up caring about it about a year ago - out of the blue, there she is, cutting. The crowns are gorgeous, as is your beautiful ballerina.

  3. Those crowns are gorgeous. What a great way to celebrate a breakthrough on the cutlery front.

  4. I'm here on the rewind. I think your daughters hair looks gorgeous. Beautiful children. You are very clever. xx

  5. Those crowns are fabulous! But not as fabulous as your China Doll's eyelashes!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.



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