Saturday, November 27, 2010

They've Come So Far

So many families may take for granted that their children will sit and do a painting or help in the kitchen.  These activities can cause such angst aswell as calm to someone on the Autism Spectrum.  The reason for this is the amount of sensory input and response one gets.  Paint may stick on the fingers, glue feels icky, spilling flour on the bench is 'out of order'... it goes on and on.  Usually at early intervention families or therapists work with children to challenge these sensory aversions.  A whole session could be focussed on merely playing with goop - the reason would be to try and create a positive experience in an otherwise traumatic experience for the autistic mind.

Master S has always liked to draw and paint; and Master J has always liked to cook in the kitchen.  This week, the tables turned.  I was so proud to watch my boys exercise a new behaviour and get themselves through a task.  Each has different sensory defensiveness - and each tried something different.  Concentration was great and I felt refreshed as a mother to have a breakthrough!  Master S successfully baked chocolate chip cupcakes completely by himself (oops, except for some hand-mixer help due to his poor fine motor strength).  The tasted delicious too!

Miss G and I ventured out in the rain this morning and squelch squrched  through the grass at The Studio in Merricks.  There were some lovely stalls with very inspiring works.  One delightful lady I met had some gorgeous and unique talents... check her out!  This is one of her beautiful creations.

Had to capture this gorgeous family moment that delighted my heart!  Mister J loves storms - the children have adopted this love.  Melbourne weather is wet this weekend and they all sat themselves on the new paving to watch the lightning storm.  So sweet seeing how happy they all were - of course it made me happy to!

Happy rainy Saturday everyone. xo


  1. Congratulations Rachel, that is so fantastic about the boys trying something new and completing the task they attempted! You must be so proud, and rightfully so.
    Love the family photo of thunderstorm watching. It is so beautiful the way you manage to capture all these little moments that show and demonstrate exactly what your family is.
    Talia xx

  2. How great that your boys challenged themselves and tried something different. I bet they feel proud of themselves! My kids love the idea of cooking but they really just throw the ingredients around and don't seem to understand that recipes are designed to be followed for a reason! I can't imagine the day when they'll actually be capable of producing something edible - all by themselves...

  3. singing and skipping as so nice to meet you and your baby girl.

  4. ooh, I had my eye on this beauty too! Isn't Jo's work incredible? I've popped over to say hi from her blog...nice to meet you!

  5. Thankyou Jo and Carousel Dreams for visiting! I hope you continue to visit! xo



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