Friday, November 12, 2010

You Learn Something New Every Day

One of my favourite blogs is Bluebirdbaby - Erin has a wonderful fresh way about her writing and journey.  I love hearing the creative and Steiner-Waldorf inspired things of her life.  Today she shared about a celebration her family attended called 'Martinmas Day'.  This got my curiosity as I had never heard of such a celebration.

Good old wikipedia came in handy.  I was discussing with someone last week about the cultural festivals we have in Australia.  Yesterday in Australia we had Remembrance Day.  We have apparently Australianised a very universal date of celebration.

These are two pictures care of Wikipedia of Martinmas parades in Europe

The Europeans celebrate a variety of festivals or celebrations on November 11.  These range from Armistice Day to Feast of Saint Martins Day to Martinmas Day.  Armistice Day began at the end of World War I and St Martin's celebrations as early as the early Middle Ages.  In North America this time of year is Thanksgiving.

There you go!  I find it really interesting and an amazing call to community.  Perhaps this is another reason for the move - it is great being connected with others and sharing life's simple pleasures.  I do miss these events we attended at Wurru Wurru Steiner Kindergarten.  Hopefully the Mornington Peninsula will be able to establish a very firm Waldorf-Steiner base.  We are looking forward to new experiences in our new community - not a Steiner Community - but many like-minded people!

We are adopting some and enjoying celebrating as a family.  This is our birthday bunting - Miss G and I made a boy and girl version.  They measure about 38 metres long and we string it through the house or yard for birthdays in our family!  Tell me, do you have any traditions you celebrate?

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