Friday, December 31, 2010

should auld acquaintance be forgot

Virginie from Septembre Vintage gave me this beautiful tablecloth last week and delighted my day with her kindness.  I had to snap a shot of it going into one of the boxes I packed today.  I was on a roll, but we ran out of packing tape.

Listening to a collection of Christmas music last week, the last song was Auld Lang Syne.  I had not really thought much of it, so just googled the words.  Quite a simple ditty - but a bit appropriate with our latest estranged relative issues.  I am so thankful for the wonderful people around me, but will never forget the history of those who aren't at the moment.  

We had a great day at the beach today and then at our favorite ice cream shop ever in the whole wide world. I remember wondering if my Master S would ever be able to eat an ice-cream after his tongue reduction surgery.  He has mastered the art perfectly!

I am so looking forward to 2011.  It brings a new adventure with the move, the new school, back to university, growing my business, my last baby at school, fruit trees, pets, peace and being another year older!

Enjoy xo

Thursday, December 30, 2010

summer adventures

I was going to do this as a wordless Wednesday yesterday - however was carried away with my knitting and always have so much to share!

Typically we love staying at home as a family.  The boys are so safe and relaxed, which in-turn allows the rest of us to feel relaxed.

Sometimes Miss G and I kind of forget how stressful it is particularly for Master J and we decide to go on an adventure.  So yesterday like most other Melbournians we decided to head down the Peninsula.  I now realise why we don't go the Dromana - Rosebud side during tourist time.  The Shoreham - Balnarring side is so much more peaceful.

I love this snap of Master J in a cafe waiting for our milkshakes.  It was similar to our IKEA experience.  When I stopped to take stock of what was around us.  It was chaos.  Trucks, people, noise, noise, noise.

And lines on the walkways.  Master J held up traffic trying to not walk on the lines.  This has become quite a ritual on each outing.

After a day out of our home Master J is always so tired and his anxiety levels are heightened ten fold.  A frolic on the beach did calm him down. 

On our way home we had a spot of shopping to do.  Stress heightened, tears raged and my Miss G was an amazing strength.  I believe we are so blessed - and she is an amazing blessing.  She helps me cross roads with the boys.  She links her arm through Master S's so he does not get run over - as I am battling with Master J.  We had a chat last night about how kind she is.  I worry though too that it is too much for her.  She has always been so grown up and responsible since her pre-brother days.  I think this is the way God has made her.

To top off the day Master S was so extremely anxious and all he wanted was a pet.  Yes, a pet.  He cannot seem to fathom waiting two weeks for the move.  So may I introduce the newest member of our family...

Daisy the baby guinea pig.  Master S has already cleaned her home this morning.  She is very tame and he loves the sensory input of stroking her.

My treat for the day was visiting the wool shop in Dromana and picking up some lovely yarn for the green quilt.

Today I am going to brave a re-stock in the stall and hope to take the kidlets out for another beach frolic later today.  Wish me luck! What are you up to today? xo

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I am loving reading some very special blogs.  First thing in the morning with a coffee given the chance - I chose blogs over the newspaper.  They are real, and you can choose which ones you read.  I chose positive women who seem to experiencing similar journey's - albeit significant differences.

One such is Kate's at Foxs Lane.  Today Kate chatted about the things she is loving.  Another is K_Bom at Good Food = Happy Life.

I have been thinking over the Christmas period about the so many things I am thankful for.  We had some sad extended family drama's arise on Christmas afternoon.  It really highlighted to me how precious life is.

Thinking about 2011 approaching - our move in two weeks to our life change - I have so many thoughts going on.  Most of all - I am growing in who I am.  What I want Squiggly Rainbow to be.  What I want for my family.

Today I am loving that I just discovered artichokes flower.  We planted one in our yard, and my beautiful Christmas gift was it flowering.  (I am not sure if we can eat it still?)

I love that I have a loving husband and three amazing babes.  I have a good mumma.  I have a treasured grandma and I am healthy.

I love that my apple tree is growing apples and the possibility of bringing it with us in the move.

 I love that I can find wonderful thrifted yarn and other crafting treasures by thrifting.  I love good wine and cheese and ice-cream.  I love burning candles each evening and my children feeling delighted by it.  I love bunches of flowers from my garden in vases.

I am actually loving this cool Melbourne summer.  I love my kindhearted friends.  I love my curly hair.  I love being generous.  I love respect, integrity and gratefulness.  I love goodness.

I haven't quite figured how to do the linky thing at the end of my blog posts, so others can leave their input and direct links to their page.  If you can help - I would appreciate it.  Please leave me a note of your loving lists - I so love to hear.

I love that I will wake in the morning and I am faithful to learn another of life's secrets and find more to love. xo

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Squiggly Christmas

Christmas for us was  mostly sweet like fudge - with the exception of a few nuts later in the day!  The Children had a delightful day and I was so blessed by their attitudes.  Upon opening one present each - there were no questions for more and they played happily for a few hours - then we said there were another couple for them.  What a surprise!

They still love their teddies.

Buzz is the newest member of our family.

Miss G prepared the stuffing with me and then she stuffed the Turkey by herself.  She amazes me!  With about 6 new cookbooks - I am expecting many beautiful meals or treats from Miss G in the future.

Master J loves his new handmade Knight costume.

This is the first Christmas we have ever dined outside - it was so delightful.

And here is our family eating dinner - some missing who are treasured - but it was peaceful without the nuts!

Happy Christmas xo

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Winner is....

The magic number in my head was number 5!  So that means Jacinta from Model Mumma is the winner!  You will have to show us what your little darling looks like in the dress!  Will post it on Monday!

Happy Christmas to everyone - I hope your season is blessed with love and joy and rest and peace.

Tonight my kidlets and I are going to drink egg-nog, watch Little Women and carols while stringing popcorn garlands.  God Bless you this Christmas.

Love Rachael xo

Thanks to my two besties for a beautiful Christmas Eve Eve last night and for being wonderful friends - my sisters! xo

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Just a quick little question...  Does anyone who reads my blog spin their own wool?

Let me know if you do!

Thanks xox

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Squiggly's FIRST ever giveaway

Hello All!  We are going to have our first ever giveaway!  I'd love to bless one of you with a little squiggly treat for Christmas.  All you need to do is leave me a comment about what you are grateful for today (or when you are reading this)!  I have a magic number in my head of which numbered comment will win - so please take part and enjoy the fun. It will be posted on Christmas Eve.  Maybe you have a friend who would like a little Christmas cheer too - they could stop by Squiggly's blog and take part too!  Here is the prize....

A Squiggly original - approximately size 4 - can be used as a dress or a top!

Today was my Grandma's 83rd birthday.  I feel so blessed to have her in my life and the children, Mister J and I could pop in for a cup of tea and bring her a handmade gift.

I must say I love this shot!  When Squiggly Rainbow first moved into The Vintage Shed I had some quirky pots planted - old teapots and the like.  A school mum at Master S's school also began her own pot plant business and has been having a wonderful success.  It is lovely to go outside the square.  I suppose we all bounce ideas off each other!

Our Christmas here is going to be very quiet and restful - by choice.  I am so looking forward to it.

I had a wonderful thrifting day yesterday.  Some wonderful collections for the stall did I collect.

The funniest thing happened when I was in the book section and found the Peter Rabbit book!  Another shopper who was out with her teenage children was also shopping with her rabbit!  I can't explain the fun it brought to my day.  She had 'Bunny' in his own little carry bag with a blanket.  Apparently Bunny travels with the family often.  It really was such a sweet thing!

I am about to organise some proper business cards - so when I have a wonderful experience with others I can share this blog with them!

Hope you share it with someone for the giveaway. xo

Monday, December 20, 2010

La La Land

Some days I find myself in La La Land.  It really is a nice place to be.  I was chatting with Mrs D last night about life.  There is so much positive in our lives, motherhood and woman hood are huge tasks these days.  Many a book has been written I know.  Why do we feel so overwhelmed at times?  Do you feel like this?

The little rabbit we found last weekend and my aspirations to dress it in a cardi were part of my La La thinking.  Someone out there has since taken the wee pet to their home - how sweet!  Maybe La La Land is just a pleasant way to be thankful of life's simple pleasures.  It is far nicer for me to focus on my apples growing or a beautiful expression from my children than what so and so said about so and so.  This little chair captured my thoughts at a recent birthday party.

My Master S brought home his school work as all kids do this time of year.  Flicking through it I found a Christmas ditty he had composed.  It blew my mind.  The day before I had commented on a blog I follow about our Christmas traditions.  It was half true I thought at the time - and half speaking something into existence.

It reads:

"Is Christmas better than Easter?
My opinion is Christmas.
Firstly, Jesus was born and on Easter he dies.
Secondly, Christmas is for giving and Easter is for grief.
Thirdly, Christmas may be last but it is worth it.
Fourthly, Christmas is made for happy times and Easter is for sad times.
Fifthly, Easter makes you sick and Christmas is full of joy.
Sixthly, Christmas is about family and Easter is about finding eggs full of junk. 
And that is why I like Christmas more than Easter."

You get the gist!

When I read this - I realised they were not just La La thoughts - but true.  I am doing a good job.  My son has retained something I have taught him.  I know I can feel very disheartened with my expectations of myself as a mother - and some of my friends have shared they feel this way to.

So I want to encourage you to let some of the ladies you know they are doing a great job with their lot.  Can you do this for me?  Thankyou xoxo

I am not quite sure where our Australian summer is in Victoria.  Last night we were rugged up, listening to carols and knitting squares.  It felt like a cosy winter Christmas from a North American movie!  Very nostalgic!  I don't tend to knit in the summer months... I think I should do it more often.  Happy Sunday! xo

Saturday, December 18, 2010

This Season

Master J had his kinder 'gradulation' day this week.  Miss G had presentation night and Master S finished up at his primary school.  Miss G had a ballet concert last night and another tonight.  Busy does not even cut it.  Many a tear was shed with the children's school chapters closing in this end of the world.

Master J did wonderful percussion work to The Ants Go Marching and he stayed seated for 99% of the concert.

Miss G was awarded top academic for year 5.  She did not know what this meant- upon explanation - she still conceded she didn't think she was that smart.  'Why did I get a certificate for that, what about the other kids who tried so hard - I didn't try hard at all'.  I tried to explain how much worth people find in academics and professionalism.  I discussed how great it was that she was born so smart - but it is not the only thing she is valued for.  She is kind, gentle, musical, dramatic, a great cook, creative and a good friend.  Wouldn't it be nice if more awards were given for these characteristics too!

Master S was loved on so much during his last day.  His aide and teacher presented him with a huge cuddly teddy and a personal note from each classmate tied up in scrolls around Huggle Bear's neck.  Master S was so brave and handled himself so well.  There was a day when he would have been curled in a ball crying instead of receiving his farewells.

My decision to give almost all things handmade this Christmas is a bigger task than I thought.  I pondered starting earlier in the year - and thought to myself "no - I can do it a week before Christmas".  What was I thinking?!?

The children are getting a mix of shop bought and handmade.  Adults are getting handmade or upcycled!  I found the most gorgeous little black dress by Tightrope for my bestie - it has lace-work in cotton and I added a few more embellishments.  

I wove these willow branch hearts a few weeks ago and tied a cute ribbon and tag on the side.  These were at the stall - but as I have left my making to the last minute - they are wonderful gifts!

My dear late friend Dee taught me how to make cards on a budget.  I bought these small pay envelopes and stamped the front and back of each.  Cards were made with what I had in my studio.

I found these cute little tins at the Robert Gordon Pottery outlet for $1 each.  Each tin will hold 10 handmade cards - they are such a cute little gift.  Dee gave me a recycled Christmas tin filled with handmade cards before she went to live upstairs.  It meant so much.  I have collected a few and spray painted the lids white - I will put a label on top too.  They look so cute and such a sweet gift idea.

My boys and friends boys are getting handmade Knight costumes and felt crowns with some feathers.  I have asked Mister J to make me some wooden shields too - we will see if he can fit it in in the next week!  I can just imagine them decked out!

Miss G loved making cards with me.  I don't think I have mastered a style - it really is a bit of a mish mash - albeit cute!

My Mum has requested some handmade cushions from a vintage tablecloth her aunt embroidered.  Miss G baked brownies for her friends and put them in small packages tied up with string.  My nieces love receiving a jar filled with ribbons for their hair.  It really does make Christmas feel more joyous making something from the heart.

What are you making or giving this Christmas?  I need some stocking filler ideas!  xo

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Red Shoes

Red shoes are my all time favourite piece of attire.  So after reading and thinking and realising how much I love them, I have decided I am going to start a thrifting mission to find some lovely ones in my size!  A bit of fun and something quirky for me to think about!  I bought these a couple of years ago and haven't worn them lately - yesterday I pulled them out and felt so special and lady-like!  I think red goes with everything!

My positive attitude that resounds in my blog really helps me to get through the day.  I snapped this shot of Master J cleaning the bathroom yesterday.  I have been feeling really flat at how difficult it is to keep on top of the house being maintained.  I don't care for it to be spotless, but really - I am a tad fed up with my boys messes of wee, spit, snot and mmmm...  wee, spit and snot.  Master J has been soiling the bathroom floor and both boys just trash the bathroom on almost a bi-hourly basis.  Yesterday I really had had enough.  I showed Master J how to clean the mirror with just water and a cloth.  Wow he was excited.  It turned my mood around to see him enjoying himself so much.  If I teach the kids and let them, they are so capable.  They really do enjoy lending a helping hand!  

The sunglasses are Master J's latest obsession.  At carols on Sunday evening, Master J was wearing them until nightfall.  Sometimes I feel sad to watch my boys quirky autistic behaviours, and other times it makes me feel so blessed.

Master J was the Forest Gump of rolling across grass on carol night.  I have never seen anyone roll and roll and roll for so long.  Then he came to an abrupt stop to do push-ups.  This all happened amidst about 30 other children playing tiggy and running games.  I figure this was his way of fitting in!

The children and I had a delightful thrifting morning and found this hilarious bunny rabbit!  Each time I saw it - I thought it was real.  I did put it in the vintage shed - however if it has not sold will bring it home and knit a cardi for it!  

He may become our little Beatrix like pet.  Master S and I are reading our Beatrix Potter collection - I love the innocence of her books.  It is so delightful and I love to see Master S's eyes light up even still at the age of 9.

Tomorrow I will share with you my Christmas gift list and maybe a house update! xo

Saturday, December 11, 2010

sing hallelujah common get happy....

Another bird of a feather I discovered this morning has been plagued by natures wonders on her farm.  She blogged about what she is happy for and urged other bloggers to do the same.  I am so feeling encouraged by reading blogs of other mamma's who are on a similar journey!

Here goes...

Paints came out of hibernation yesterday.  It was so relaxing.

Three beautiful babes.  My cosy dressing gown I am wearing on this brisk summer morning.  Listening to  The Sound of Music as I type.  Our life changing move.  Vegetables.  Fruit.  Vintage fabrics and doilies.  The Vintage Shed.  Family.  Traditions.  Summer night walks.  Camping.  Gardening.  Salvation.  

Making this wall hanging yesterday out of a piece of antique timber from Toorak Station that my bestie was going to burn in her fire.  My friends and their kids.  Dresses.  Cardigans.  Red shoes.

Sewing.  Knitting.  Talking about sewing and knitting and crafting.  Outside.  Watching the apples grow on the transplanted tree.  My husband.  Red.  Master J's echolalia.  Books.  Sally Seltmann.  Happy music.  Saturday mornings.  Sesame Street songs.   My Mum.  Organic and growing our food. Dreaming.  Loving. Watching Miss G dance.  Master S's strength.

I made this yesterday.  I do love it - quite funky and simple.  Gorgeous vintage fabric. Enjoy your weekend! xo

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Favourites

These are a few of my favourite things.  Just wanted to share with you some of the bits around my home that I am loving at the moment.

I painted this picture on my fence by the dining area.  I will miss seeing it when we move - might get it printed onto a canvas for the new house.

This Swedish wine is divine.  It is flavoured with added vanilla, cinnamon and cloves.  May sound horrible, but it is the nicest wine I have tasted!

This book has been on my wish list for a few years.  I finally bought it for myself after finding it for only $30.  I almost cried reading the introduction - wow is all I can say.  Click on the link in the side bar and you may be able to get a taste of it.

These were a purchase last year from IKEA.  They were so cheap; I love the Scandinavian folk look of them.

I am slowly figuring out the blogging world.  So keep your eye on some of the changes happening on the blog.  I am hoping to be able to discover how to link easier.... off to research now. xo

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Squiggly Rainbow's Stall @ The Vintage Shed

I've been blogging a lot lately about the home side of life.  So it is time for an update on the stall.  The Vintage Shed is a hub of wonderful collectors items, vintage wears, vintage clothing and of course the Squiggly Rainbow stall.  Things are getting busier down there each day and the range of goodies to buy is just amazing. They even have their own blog.

I have been sharing the rent on the wee stall with a friend since arriving - but soon I will be flying solo.  This is a very exciting time and I am so looking forward to some more space to expand our range.

I loved making this shabby union jack cushion!  

The clothing range is cute for the warmer weather with gorgeous dresses, skirts, tops and pants all made with vintage fabrics.

I am also getting quite addicted to collecting vintage kitchen wares.  Yesterday I found the most gorgeous red enamel pot with a lid, can you see it on the lower shelf?

One of my favourite stalls is that of Bec's at Vintage Girl.  Bec has the most amazing merchandising skills and wonderful collection of industrial and vintage wares.  Today while I was down re-vamping my stall - there she was creating a wonderful Christmas entrance display in the entrance of The Vintage Shed.  I love it!

Doesn't my whimsical bunting look gorgeous across the mantle? xo


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