Monday, December 6, 2010

Harmony to my Heartbeat Part 2

We found another house this morning that was just listed.  It is very exciting - we cannot see it until Wednesday.  12 acres, run down house, space, shed, trees - I am so excited.  Mister J is even excited to paint, polish floors, fix the kitchen and bathroom (assuming they need to be done).  My favourite blog shows a kitchen renovation - it is so simple and practical.  Check out by Erin's blog and the kitchen.

So these are some pictures of the house on the 12 acres.  Do you think we can do a mini-reno with three kids?  I think we can - it's the dream in my heart singing!

Isn't it cute?  I'm off for a hot walk to pick the babes up from school - car trouble is actually a blessing! xo


  1. it looks lovely Rachael...i'm dreaming too about moving from our new house and starting from scratch (well nearly...) but at least renovating at your own taste, i'm sure you and your family would be very good at so creative, good luck....

  2. Thankyou Septembre! I appreciate your comments - thankyou for your encouragement! xo

  3. hi there, thanks for stopping by! Lovely to visit here and see such a different part of the world and it's gorgeous. I have a friend who has just left the UK for 6 months and gone to Oz - am very envious.

    This house looks gorgeous and you are brave with 3 kids and ASD too! :) I guess life is all about the interesting journey and how interesting we make it too!

    Love what you are doing and stay in touch.


  4. wow what a beautiful part of the world you live in! that houselooks fabulous and 12 acres!! How exciting, I would defintaley renovat, if Ithought it was 'the one'! In fact I think I would rather renovate than buy new simply because you get to do all your own way. GOod luck, big decisions.

  5. Thanks Amelia and Bec! It is a very exciting and creative time indeed!

  6. Oh gosh that looks SO lovely SR! The driveway, the pasture, the house. Vic really is looking lush for this time of year, no?



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