Saturday, December 4, 2010

Home Hunting

We have begun the serious hunt for our new home - we will be moving in the new year.  It started looking at things like this.

I love the homeliness of cottages and wandering vines along the verandas edge.  We looked at eight houses yesterday.  Exhausting it was - I don't think I am fussy.  I just want something plain and simple and humble.  I do love my garden and realise I don't have the energy with the boys to start from scratch.  So we looked at some that needed a complete tidy up and clean.  It was becoming very disheartening.  Mister J assured me when the right one came up - we would both know.  Should we buy or should we rent something like this?

It is so cute and in a little town called Avonsleigh.  I would love to live in this town - it is very Anne Shirley like and the desire for a green gables life! It is so pretty!  

The children discovered Lincoln Logs - and built the most amazing villages whilst we talked with builders.  I will be investigating getting some of these - they are wooden and beautiful.

And then we found what we hope is the one.  This is it

Mister J is there as I type and I pray this is the right choice.  The block is gorgeous and surrounded by a flower and cherry farm.  The house is smaller than we have now - hopefully the kids will get used to this.  It brings us back to the simple life.  The gorgeous oak tree to the right is climbable and lots of gorgeous area for gardens!  A fresh coat of paint on the inside and re-polish the timber floors is all it needs.  I am so excited!

As we were driving home and I was feeling excited about the house - however disheartened with worry if it falls through - we followed this vintage car off the mountain.  I took a snap to share with you how the little things can just brighten our days again!

I am missing creating - the house is in tidy mode for our last open today.  Tonight will be cause for crafting celebration!  I don't know what I will create yet - so check back later. xo


  1. so excited for you. fingers crossed!

  2. We're moving soon too. We have the choice of two houses on Monday and I have a good feeling about it. Both are nearer to the boy's schools, so already it feels right. Good luck home hunting. :)

  3. Just gorgeous Rach. I love the little cottage. I am so happy for you. Keep thinking positive thoughts and i am sure it will all work out just the way it is meant to.
    Reading about your move gets me all excited about the possibilities for me and my family. I hope that i can find something just perfect for us too.
    We are having a teeny stress about money at the moment so our move is looking further into the future but we will persist and will get their eventually i am sure.
    Lots of good thoughts heading your way.
    Talia xx

  4. Hi Talia... I understand the moneey thing - that is for sure! We are young families - something will be there for you! Come be near us - hehe xoxo

  5. I approve of this Home also and am again green with envy. Like you, Im too a fan of Anne of Green Gables and loved watching it AGAIN on Saturday night. Think I have a bit of a green theme going on :)



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