Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I am loving reading some very special blogs.  First thing in the morning with a coffee given the chance - I chose blogs over the newspaper.  They are real, and you can choose which ones you read.  I chose positive women who seem to experiencing similar journey's - albeit significant differences.

One such is Kate's at Foxs Lane.  Today Kate chatted about the things she is loving.  Another is K_Bom at Good Food = Happy Life.

I have been thinking over the Christmas period about the so many things I am thankful for.  We had some sad extended family drama's arise on Christmas afternoon.  It really highlighted to me how precious life is.

Thinking about 2011 approaching - our move in two weeks to our life change - I have so many thoughts going on.  Most of all - I am growing in who I am.  What I want Squiggly Rainbow to be.  What I want for my family.

Today I am loving that I just discovered artichokes flower.  We planted one in our yard, and my beautiful Christmas gift was it flowering.  (I am not sure if we can eat it still?)

I love that I have a loving husband and three amazing babes.  I have a good mumma.  I have a treasured grandma and I am healthy.

I love that my apple tree is growing apples and the possibility of bringing it with us in the move.

 I love that I can find wonderful thrifted yarn and other crafting treasures by thrifting.  I love good wine and cheese and ice-cream.  I love burning candles each evening and my children feeling delighted by it.  I love bunches of flowers from my garden in vases.

I am actually loving this cool Melbourne summer.  I love my kindhearted friends.  I love my curly hair.  I love being generous.  I love respect, integrity and gratefulness.  I love goodness.

I haven't quite figured how to do the linky thing at the end of my blog posts, so others can leave their input and direct links to their page.  If you can help - I would appreciate it.  Please leave me a note of your loving lists - I so love to hear.

I love that I will wake in the morning and I am faithful to learn another of life's secrets and find more to love. xo


  1. I LOVE this post of yours! Your flowers are just divine, and your artichoke looks so showy. We grew artichokes when we lived in Northcote (before moving south!) and I always left a couple to flower - so cheerful in the middle of the vegie patch. I don't think you can eat them really, once they flower. I love last minute dinners with friends - we did that tonight and it was almost like Christmas all over again! I'm loving my daughter's developing sense of fairness and empathy - she is sharing so nicely lately and showing that she can really be very thoughtful and mature. I love having my husband home from work - simple, unhurried, family-at-home time is so precious and rare. I'm loving the raspberries and the festival atmosphere that Hobart gets at this time of year when the Sydney to Hobart boats start arriving! Have a lovely week Rach.

  2. Thankyou you so Sarah! Your comments mean so much. I am glad you are having some beautiful time with your loves. xox

  3. I Love reading your blogs and i love the small but wonderful things you find to love.. there are so many things!!! Thanx it will help me go to lala land much more easier...I Love the very lovely nature of your heart. Its beautiful, simple, real and pure and i love having you as my very special friend. Love you God bless Cathxox

  4. A gorgeous, gorgeous list Rachael! Stunning photos too. I find myself chosing positive, creative blogs over the bad news of the newspapers lately too.

  5. I just love this post. Just beautiful!! I love artichoke and had no idea it produced such a beautiful flower! Gorgeous!!

    BTW- I can tell you have such a beautiful heart!! Love reading your posts!!

    Blessings from North Carolina!!

  6. I love everything you wrote at the end here. I love that I'm alive. I love roses and whipped cream, my husband's chin and the soft morning light on him sleeping in the early morning. I love the birds and I love the occasional sweet surprise like my teenage sons making me a cup of tea. Really, I love real things, I'm not sentimental, I love life, kindness, blue sky and fog. The ocean on a windy day. The list could go on and on. I could also list what I don't love but why think of that! thanks for your blog, I'm enjoying it! Love your kids and value every moment including the tough ones I say...:)

  7. Thankyou to you Late Blooming Bohemian and Maridith! It is so lovely to read your comments and makes me feel quite special! xo



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