Monday, December 13, 2010

My Red Shoes

Red shoes are my all time favourite piece of attire.  So after reading and thinking and realising how much I love them, I have decided I am going to start a thrifting mission to find some lovely ones in my size!  A bit of fun and something quirky for me to think about!  I bought these a couple of years ago and haven't worn them lately - yesterday I pulled them out and felt so special and lady-like!  I think red goes with everything!

My positive attitude that resounds in my blog really helps me to get through the day.  I snapped this shot of Master J cleaning the bathroom yesterday.  I have been feeling really flat at how difficult it is to keep on top of the house being maintained.  I don't care for it to be spotless, but really - I am a tad fed up with my boys messes of wee, spit, snot and mmmm...  wee, spit and snot.  Master J has been soiling the bathroom floor and both boys just trash the bathroom on almost a bi-hourly basis.  Yesterday I really had had enough.  I showed Master J how to clean the mirror with just water and a cloth.  Wow he was excited.  It turned my mood around to see him enjoying himself so much.  If I teach the kids and let them, they are so capable.  They really do enjoy lending a helping hand!  

The sunglasses are Master J's latest obsession.  At carols on Sunday evening, Master J was wearing them until nightfall.  Sometimes I feel sad to watch my boys quirky autistic behaviours, and other times it makes me feel so blessed.

Master J was the Forest Gump of rolling across grass on carol night.  I have never seen anyone roll and roll and roll for so long.  Then he came to an abrupt stop to do push-ups.  This all happened amidst about 30 other children playing tiggy and running games.  I figure this was his way of fitting in!

The children and I had a delightful thrifting morning and found this hilarious bunny rabbit!  Each time I saw it - I thought it was real.  I did put it in the vintage shed - however if it has not sold will bring it home and knit a cardi for it!  

He may become our little Beatrix like pet.  Master S and I are reading our Beatrix Potter collection - I love the innocence of her books.  It is so delightful and I love to see Master S's eyes light up even still at the age of 9.

Tomorrow I will share with you my Christmas gift list and maybe a house update! xo


  1. Hey Rach! it's Yukako.
    I've been reading your blogs when you update on facebook. it's very nice to see how all your children are growing up! and I can't wait to see them all again! Probably the catch up with uni girls would be a good idea any time next year??
    all the things you are making are absolutely gorgeous and beautiful too! keep it up, and i'll leave some comment more often. xoxo Yukako

  2. Hey Rach, you must keep that bunny!!! Your blog cheered me up especially the bit about wee spit and snot...mmm. Loved it keep it up.Maybe i should sart a blog...oneday soon. Cathxo

  3. wee spit and snot lol if i makes you feel a bette its not just boys, my girl can give my boy a good run for his oney sometimes *sigh* I often get mine to do things like clean the windows and use litle brooms on the floors, they do love it, even if I have to g over it later i makes them feel incuded and specil I think. I love the quirkiness,the sunnies are so cute! So is that bunny, what an awsome little accompaniment for beatrix potter books!

  4. I just found your blog on Picket Fence Blogs, and I had to become a follower. Your style is so adorable! I am loving everything I see already. =)

  5. You have to make a blue jacket for that rabbit! Thank you Rachael for visiting my bog and leaving lots of lovely comments. We used to homeschool before we moved to where we live now. The kids now attend a small school. I do miss homeschooling sometimes. But right now with the kids fighting,I don't lol



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