Saturday, December 11, 2010

sing hallelujah common get happy....

Another bird of a feather I discovered this morning has been plagued by natures wonders on her farm.  She blogged about what she is happy for and urged other bloggers to do the same.  I am so feeling encouraged by reading blogs of other mamma's who are on a similar journey!

Here goes...

Paints came out of hibernation yesterday.  It was so relaxing.

Three beautiful babes.  My cosy dressing gown I am wearing on this brisk summer morning.  Listening to  The Sound of Music as I type.  Our life changing move.  Vegetables.  Fruit.  Vintage fabrics and doilies.  The Vintage Shed.  Family.  Traditions.  Summer night walks.  Camping.  Gardening.  Salvation.  

Making this wall hanging yesterday out of a piece of antique timber from Toorak Station that my bestie was going to burn in her fire.  My friends and their kids.  Dresses.  Cardigans.  Red shoes.

Sewing.  Knitting.  Talking about sewing and knitting and crafting.  Outside.  Watching the apples grow on the transplanted tree.  My husband.  Red.  Master J's echolalia.  Books.  Sally Seltmann.  Happy music.  Saturday mornings.  Sesame Street songs.   My Mum.  Organic and growing our food. Dreaming.  Loving. Watching Miss G dance.  Master S's strength.

I made this yesterday.  I do love it - quite funky and simple.  Gorgeous vintage fabric. Enjoy your weekend! xo


  1. Wow love that wall hanging with the deer. Gorgeous! I've seen your stall at the vintage shed and you have some lovely things. Very tempting ;)
    xo MODELmumma

  2. You're such a darling! I am prone to experiencing Christmastime as a difficult and sad occasion - and if I'm not careful it can all get overwhelming for me: a combo of the ongoing frustration of not being able to have children, the passing of several loved ones throughout the year, and a horrendous Christmas five years ago.

    So, here's my "appreciation list":

    - a wonderful attentive husband who loves and cares for me
    - a home with spectacular views of green and land for an abundant vegie garden
    - a strong and healthy body
    - beautiful friends, and the world's best brother and sister
    - a job that I am passionate about
    - coffee, and good wine
    - purring cats

    Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

  3. Kaz, thanks for sharing. I feel for you - life has it's challenges that is for sure! Would love to catch up after Christmas! xox R

  4. Hey Rachael! What a great list. So many of the things on yours could easily be on mine. So what's with the life changing move? Where are you guys off to? How exciting. Thank you so much for joining in and sharing the happy thing. Why don't you pop your link on the bottom of the post on my blog so that others can come and discover your gorgeous blog too. I hope you and your gang are having a happy and fun weekend. X

  5. Great post...I love your reindeer.

  6. A great list. I'm glad you popped a link on Kate's blog so I could come and kind your list too.

  7. A beautiful list. You had me at "red shoes"! :)

  8. You are so talented - the painted wall hanging is just delightful. Actually, your whole list is delightful and I always leave your blog feeling more inspired than when I came.

  9. Hi Rachael, nice to meeting you. I love love your ideas! Looking very beautiful.
    Wishing y ou a wonderful weekend! xx

  10. I loved this post I feel happy now too !



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