Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Squiggly Christmas

Christmas for us was  mostly sweet like fudge - with the exception of a few nuts later in the day!  The Children had a delightful day and I was so blessed by their attitudes.  Upon opening one present each - there were no questions for more and they played happily for a few hours - then we said there were another couple for them.  What a surprise!

They still love their teddies.

Buzz is the newest member of our family.

Miss G prepared the stuffing with me and then she stuffed the Turkey by herself.  She amazes me!  With about 6 new cookbooks - I am expecting many beautiful meals or treats from Miss G in the future.

Master J loves his new handmade Knight costume.

This is the first Christmas we have ever dined outside - it was so delightful.

And here is our family eating dinner - some missing who are treasured - but it was peaceful without the nuts!

Happy Christmas xo


  1. Looks and sounds like a great day Rach. Talia xx

  2. Ah Rachael, your family photos are a bit like mine - always missing Mum who's invariably behind the lens! Looks like everyone had a lovely happy day. Your table looks beautiful with the fresh flowers and decorations hanging above...

  3. It sounds like you had a special day and your children look so happy. Dining outside looks perfect. Merry Christmas.:)

  4. It all looks gorgeous and happy and merry and bright!
    I hope the last few days have been wonderful and calm too.
    So are you a knitter or a crocheter and are you on Ravelry?
    Looking forward to reading your loving list..

  5. Thanks Kate! I learnt to knit when I was about 7 - I am trying to knit more now and taking it with me everywhere I go. I am knitting Master S a square blanket by his request in greens. Miss G has requested a poncho! I have just started a ravelry page this morning! xox Still need to learn to crochet it is the only thing creative I have not learnt to do thus far!



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