Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Squiggly's FIRST ever giveaway

Hello All!  We are going to have our first ever giveaway!  I'd love to bless one of you with a little squiggly treat for Christmas.  All you need to do is leave me a comment about what you are grateful for today (or when you are reading this)!  I have a magic number in my head of which numbered comment will win - so please take part and enjoy the fun. It will be posted on Christmas Eve.  Maybe you have a friend who would like a little Christmas cheer too - they could stop by Squiggly's blog and take part too!  Here is the prize....

A Squiggly original - approximately size 4 - can be used as a dress or a top!

Today was my Grandma's 83rd birthday.  I feel so blessed to have her in my life and the children, Mister J and I could pop in for a cup of tea and bring her a handmade gift.

I must say I love this shot!  When Squiggly Rainbow first moved into The Vintage Shed I had some quirky pots planted - old teapots and the like.  A school mum at Master S's school also began her own pot plant business and has been having a wonderful success.  It is lovely to go outside the square.  I suppose we all bounce ideas off each other!

Our Christmas here is going to be very quiet and restful - by choice.  I am so looking forward to it.

I had a wonderful thrifting day yesterday.  Some wonderful collections for the stall did I collect.

The funniest thing happened when I was in the book section and found the Peter Rabbit book!  Another shopper who was out with her teenage children was also shopping with her rabbit!  I can't explain the fun it brought to my day.  She had 'Bunny' in his own little carry bag with a blanket.  Apparently Bunny travels with the family often.  It really was such a sweet thing!

I am about to organise some proper business cards - so when I have a wonderful experience with others I can share this blog with them!

Hope you share it with someone for the giveaway. xo


  1. Happy birthday to your Grandma!
    I am grateful for so many things right now but the first thing that comes to mind is my farmerboy sitting next to me doing the bookwork. I am Mrs crappola at all things numbers and I am so grateful that his head can work it all out and keep us in business.
    Oh and I think the business cards is a brilliant idea and I might have to do the same.

  2. I am very grateful for my family. They stick by me through thick and thin and the love isso strong. i look at them and thank god I got so lucky.

    cmw_2289 at yahoo dot com

  3. What a beautiful top.

    I am grateful to be alive, as I had cancer 2 years ago at the age of 31. I have had 2 years of clean scans (they can't say I am in remission until 5 years out). And, this July (an early X-mas gift), we were blessed with our daughter, Savannah Rose. We were told we couldn't have kids from the treatment, but she is a miracle and the best Christmas gift.

    rmccoy1234 at yahoo.com

  4. I am thankful to the two kiddies who are squishing me at this very moment.
    havenera at gmail dot com

  5. Hmmm... I am definitely grateful for happy and healthy children and a loving husband. As cliche as that sounds, I am grateful for them!

    I hope the number in your head isn't 999... and probably isn't going to be 1 either. :( Oh well. Gorgeous dress. My two girls would get good use out of it. Thanks for the giveaway! :)
    xo MODELmumma

  6. Thanks for all the comments so far - and hope to read some more! xox Will announce the winner on Christmas eve!

  7. just stumbled onto your wonderful blog!
    i am definitely grateful for being healthy & happy.
    I have a wishlist on my blog for 2011.
    all the very best for you for the new year ♥

  8. Hey Rachel,
    Today i am grateful for two things. Firstly i am grateful for my dad letting me borrow his computer while he is away so i have been able to 'catch up' on your blog, lol.
    Most importantly though, today i am grateful for the sunshine. My kids played outside most of the day today because of the beautiful sunshine, i got to mow my lawns and Dan got to spend some time building the cubby my kids are getting for Christmas. It was a great (and productive) day.
    Talia xx

  9. I have been thinking lately about the woman in my family right back to my great grandmother who had to sew by moonlight on her treadle singer sewing machine to make ends meet. my grandmother and mother who also sewed for necessity but have past down a their skills and have giving me one of the things i am greatful for, creativity.

  10. Being a true and honest person is what makes me happy,not people pleasing but just being grateful for the people who have been honest in showing there true colours in my life.



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