Thursday, December 30, 2010

summer adventures

I was going to do this as a wordless Wednesday yesterday - however was carried away with my knitting and always have so much to share!

Typically we love staying at home as a family.  The boys are so safe and relaxed, which in-turn allows the rest of us to feel relaxed.

Sometimes Miss G and I kind of forget how stressful it is particularly for Master J and we decide to go on an adventure.  So yesterday like most other Melbournians we decided to head down the Peninsula.  I now realise why we don't go the Dromana - Rosebud side during tourist time.  The Shoreham - Balnarring side is so much more peaceful.

I love this snap of Master J in a cafe waiting for our milkshakes.  It was similar to our IKEA experience.  When I stopped to take stock of what was around us.  It was chaos.  Trucks, people, noise, noise, noise.

And lines on the walkways.  Master J held up traffic trying to not walk on the lines.  This has become quite a ritual on each outing.

After a day out of our home Master J is always so tired and his anxiety levels are heightened ten fold.  A frolic on the beach did calm him down. 

On our way home we had a spot of shopping to do.  Stress heightened, tears raged and my Miss G was an amazing strength.  I believe we are so blessed - and she is an amazing blessing.  She helps me cross roads with the boys.  She links her arm through Master S's so he does not get run over - as I am battling with Master J.  We had a chat last night about how kind she is.  I worry though too that it is too much for her.  She has always been so grown up and responsible since her pre-brother days.  I think this is the way God has made her.

To top off the day Master S was so extremely anxious and all he wanted was a pet.  Yes, a pet.  He cannot seem to fathom waiting two weeks for the move.  So may I introduce the newest member of our family...

Daisy the baby guinea pig.  Master S has already cleaned her home this morning.  She is very tame and he loves the sensory input of stroking her.

My treat for the day was visiting the wool shop in Dromana and picking up some lovely yarn for the green quilt.

Today I am going to brave a re-stock in the stall and hope to take the kidlets out for another beach frolic later today.  Wish me luck! What are you up to today? xo


  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day love. Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas, I ran into your mum last week and she said that you were spending it at home. We spent it at home in the morning, off to my auntie and uncles for lunch then home for dinner. We headed off camping on Boxing Day and returned yesterday. We all had a wonderful time. Unfortunatley its back to reality today (Work) the break just isnt long enough.
    Hope that you are all happy and healthy, have a wonderfully safe and happy new year.

    Smelly Kelly XXXXX

  2. Ahhh!!! The crowds and shopping and people and heat do it to me too. Its been all up and down and around and around here too. The beach does sound like a great way to let it all out though. Might have to plan a trip. And I love the new pet. Have fun. X

  3. You sound like a very thoughtful Mum to your boys needs and your daughter is just like you. The city is a stressful place and to be able to stop and take time at the beach sounds a perfect way to relax again, such a beautiful place to stop.
    Happy New year! xo

  4. You are so intuitive to pick up on your children's energy about the outing. I think parents often forget that, especially when you see those newborns at the crowded malls. I can't imagine going from womb to a mall. I must say though that the beach is stunning. I just love the colors.

  5. Hi, Thanks for coming up to my blog and leaving a comment. It was lovely to hear from you. I am just drooling over these lovely weather pictures as I look out my window and see mountains of snow. :) Happy New Year!



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