Saturday, December 18, 2010

This Season

Master J had his kinder 'gradulation' day this week.  Miss G had presentation night and Master S finished up at his primary school.  Miss G had a ballet concert last night and another tonight.  Busy does not even cut it.  Many a tear was shed with the children's school chapters closing in this end of the world.

Master J did wonderful percussion work to The Ants Go Marching and he stayed seated for 99% of the concert.

Miss G was awarded top academic for year 5.  She did not know what this meant- upon explanation - she still conceded she didn't think she was that smart.  'Why did I get a certificate for that, what about the other kids who tried so hard - I didn't try hard at all'.  I tried to explain how much worth people find in academics and professionalism.  I discussed how great it was that she was born so smart - but it is not the only thing she is valued for.  She is kind, gentle, musical, dramatic, a great cook, creative and a good friend.  Wouldn't it be nice if more awards were given for these characteristics too!

Master S was loved on so much during his last day.  His aide and teacher presented him with a huge cuddly teddy and a personal note from each classmate tied up in scrolls around Huggle Bear's neck.  Master S was so brave and handled himself so well.  There was a day when he would have been curled in a ball crying instead of receiving his farewells.

My decision to give almost all things handmade this Christmas is a bigger task than I thought.  I pondered starting earlier in the year - and thought to myself "no - I can do it a week before Christmas".  What was I thinking?!?

The children are getting a mix of shop bought and handmade.  Adults are getting handmade or upcycled!  I found the most gorgeous little black dress by Tightrope for my bestie - it has lace-work in cotton and I added a few more embellishments.  

I wove these willow branch hearts a few weeks ago and tied a cute ribbon and tag on the side.  These were at the stall - but as I have left my making to the last minute - they are wonderful gifts!

My dear late friend Dee taught me how to make cards on a budget.  I bought these small pay envelopes and stamped the front and back of each.  Cards were made with what I had in my studio.

I found these cute little tins at the Robert Gordon Pottery outlet for $1 each.  Each tin will hold 10 handmade cards - they are such a cute little gift.  Dee gave me a recycled Christmas tin filled with handmade cards before she went to live upstairs.  It meant so much.  I have collected a few and spray painted the lids white - I will put a label on top too.  They look so cute and such a sweet gift idea.

My boys and friends boys are getting handmade Knight costumes and felt crowns with some feathers.  I have asked Mister J to make me some wooden shields too - we will see if he can fit it in in the next week!  I can just imagine them decked out!

Miss G loved making cards with me.  I don't think I have mastered a style - it really is a bit of a mish mash - albeit cute!

My Mum has requested some handmade cushions from a vintage tablecloth her aunt embroidered.  Miss G baked brownies for her friends and put them in small packages tied up with string.  My nieces love receiving a jar filled with ribbons for their hair.  It really does make Christmas feel more joyous making something from the heart.

What are you making or giving this Christmas?  I need some stocking filler ideas!  xo


  1. Oh Rachael! Your cards are STUNNING! Each and every one! And there is definitely a style - they're different but sit together as a set - maybe it's the envelopes?
    You must be so proud of your children, it sounds as though they faced the end of their school year with confidence and grace.
    I'm sewing skirts (The Oliver and S Lazy Days free pattern) for my neices, pillowcases for our mum's group kids, and I found some neat photo albums bound in brown paper - so the kids are drawing pictures on them and we'll stuff them full of photos for the grandparents. I've bought a crochet owl and hand made cats on madeit for Doots (she asked Santa for an owl and a cat) and Doots will be getting a little patchwork roll for his matchbox cars - when it opens up each car has a little 'garage' and a road strip for driving along! Sorry for the rambling comment - I'd better get back to my sewing machine!

  2. My hat goes off to you, lady! That sounds like one heck of a bucketful of end of year/kid milestone wobbly lower lip to negotiate...(well done kidlets).



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