Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trees and Buttons

At the end of our street and around the corner is still a country lane.  My dear friend of 10 years Mrs W and I took our kidlets for a glorious afternoon walk.  The final open for inspection was finished with - we had no car - and boredom was approaching.  Trees and fresh air refreshed our souls!  Our aim was to collect some greenery to make some craft with the children.

We took lots of gorgeous photographs - I loved this tractor in a paddock.  Am not quite sure what I will do with this picture - hopefully some inspiration will come.

It must have been a European tree I found on our walk, with tiny oak like leaves and gorgeous small green berries.  Perfect for garlands - although they are already starting to dry out in our warm weather.  I love this IKEA heart decoration which hangs in the middle.

Mrs W put her pine in a pasta dish with water and lay pine cones and glittered gum nuts around a candle piece.  Deck the table with cones and candles... fa la la la la la la la!  The kids are loving these non-commercial alternatives.  Each year it has become a family tradition to make our own decorations.  The children have ideas and love the assistance to see them come to fruition.

On a whimsical note - I made a doily and lace bunting this afternoon.  It is very cute and made with all vintage fabrics and trim.  I do love it - it is very cute!

Miss G and her dear friend Miss P began making bracelets for their cousins for Christmas gifts.  They are so sweet, I suggested a few bows in between buttons - however that was frowned upon by my Miss G.

I am feeling a little sad to leave my very pretty home - I know our new home will become just as pretty.  No definite news on the house as yet.  As I pondered out my window this afternoon, I spotted one of my gnomes smiling back at me.. isn't he cute! xo


  1. Gorgeous Rach, i love your ideas. I think that making your own (non-commercialised) Christmas decor is a wonderful idea. I think i may just start doing some of that myself! Although all my Chrissy decs are already up this year so may save it for next year.
    Talia xx

  2. your Xmas crafts are lovely, i also rather do them myself than buying them at the shop and the kids just love helping also your bunting very cute...



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