Thursday, March 11, 2010

Brocolli is Planted

The first of my winter crop has hit the dirt! How exciting!! I am thinking if raising children was as easy as gardening, I would be super relaxed and peaceful all of the time.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Encouragement Brings Life

Wow, what an amazing day. The Children were off to school and Steiner Kindergarten. My heart strings pulled all day for Master J as I had left him solely in the care of his teacher and an acquaintance.

Mr J was full of encouragement for Squiggly Rainbow and all that is holds. Squiggly Rainbow is an amazing journey of creativity and spirituality and really has been a lifeline through these challenging months of Autism Spectrum Disorders within my family.

Last night I did some amazing reading following my research on spouses of an Asperger partner. Maxine Aston has written a few books and dedicated amazing research on the effects on Asperger syndrome in an adult relationship. It has been a wonderful blessing to read and realise that I am not alone. Check out Maxine's website...

I even forwarded the links to Mr J and upon reading it - we could have a great discussion and laugh. Knowing we are coming through our challenges and working together is an amazing Godly blessing. The most amazing revelation is that the ability to recognise and concede one's vulnerabilities or weakness actually blesses both partners in a relationship.

So how does this relate to Squiggly Rainbow you may be wondering. Well, my Mr J has been a great source of encouragement to an idea that is completely illogical of time and effort; but a creative enterprise. So, his encouragement has brought life to an otherwise desert of encouragement - and for his Asperger mind to recognise creativity as a fruitful thing is a blessing in itself!

Encouragement brings life and this has been a great day!

These are a pair of Lounge Pants made with gorgeous vintage fabric!  Miss G is a splendid model!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Look, there are your toes

Master J was delighted to see his toes in the Simple Things in Life picture. This was his first harvest from our vegetable gardens this summer - he delighted in lining his basket with a tea towel like his big sister Miss G.

I am amazed in the process his Autistic mind comprehends with the whole vegetable garden experience. We have had early intervention therapy and strategic ways to improve Master J's diet. Since eating solids he has objected to lumps and mush. Opting for white or yellow coloured foods that are crunchy or bland to taste. A classic sensory challenge for AS D's.

So the overwhelmingly exciting progress has been with Master J eating tomatoes and cucumber he has picked from the garden. Master J loved the cucumber so much he lay down with it in his bed for about 30 minutes! He has also started eating hard boiled eggs, albeit white and yellow - but mushy! The experiences of his new Steiner-Waldorf Kindergarten and watching his peers modelling behaviours are paying off.

This brings me to his new Kindergarten pants, beautiful cottons and comfy. Master J loves the bright colours and the comfortable fit. I wonder if anyone is interested in these pants made from vintage fabrics?

Oh I love Saturday mornings... Mr J is home... the children are playing lego and maybe some sewing for me!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Neurotypical & Asperger

Hot cross buns, hot cross buns, one a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns. I am thankful to Katrin Bentley's wonderful book Alone Together ( purchased online late last year. I don't know why it took me so long to get to reading it, but thankfully this mornings discussion with Mr J about hot cross buns had been given great foresight. That whiteboard brain is difficult to deal with sometimes. I really recommend anyone having many trivial conversations with their spouse read this book!

I am having trouble with my limited knoweldge of blogging etc uploading different areas to this blog and links to other pages.... If anyone can help that would be so lovely.

Stay tuned for my new store on

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Third Day of Autumn

Hello Hello! Today was a beautiful fresh Autumn morning here... The older two Miss G and Master S are at school and Master J and I collected pine-cones in the local 'forest' to put in our garden beds.

The apple crates lining my front strip of what was once lawn are awaiting to be filled with compost and manure and straw. We have one planted out with spinach and capsicum... Master J is eagerly awaiting harvest time.

My stock pile of beautiful children's attire made from gorgeous vintage fabrics is slowly growing. I wonder how we fit in working amongst being a mother, wife, gardener, personal carer etc. I would love some of your hints to this epic question!

My dreams last night were quite disturbing. I do hope and pray our local community of parents with children on the Autism Spectrum have had blessed day at home with their babes. How can we raise awareness of our Universities and Schools to acknowledge the importance in training our teachers to be knowledgeable and aware of children with disabilities and the diverse needs they have? Surely burying their head in the staff-room is not the answer?

Well we are off to Speech now for Master S and then the afternoon whirlwind of swimming lessons and an after-school play with Miss G's new knitting friend.


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