Sunday, October 31, 2010

4 Things

The lovely Sarah from Oesch & Doots tagged me to reveal 4 things you may not know about me.  I must say first of all how much I am loving getting to know and read so many wonderful blogs.  It is amazing to share with all of you who are raising your babes aswell!

Leave your 4 Things in the comment box!  I would love to hear about you. xo

1.  I was blonde as a child, actually quite strawberry - and now I am not quite sure!  I have had a few close to me regard my vagueness of a busy life as being blonde.  Who knows - maybe there is something to it!  Or maybe it is just the relaxed European bloodline!

2.  I love foxgloves.  I have had a few planted in the garden and after 3 years, they are standing over a metre tall.  Master J and our neighbour Master E are fascinated by them.  I imagine the flowers in Beatrix Potters stories as being little gloves for the foxes.

3.  My confidence in myself is growing - and with Squiggly Rainbow it is growing even more.  I still have anxious days and still feel - you know - insecure about things.  Maybe it is coming of age.  I am so enjoying my thirties.  I actually have forgotten lately how old I am.  Miss G was discussing it with me in the car on her way home from school yesterday. "Mum - you are actually really young - some peoples mothers are actually 50".  She did have to remind me how old I actually am.  Are you wondering now? He he!

Okay and number 4.... A deeper note - I am sure you can tell by now I like a bit of depth in conversations!
My childhood was pretty dysfunctional.  My father left when I was 6 - and then my mother remarried a horrible man who is now actually in prison for hurting his 4 daughters.  Praise God - he did not ever hurt me.

Wow - there you go!  I prefer thinking about foxes wearing flower gloves than the last item!

I feel so very blessed for my life now - and know I am looked after by the Big Guy above.  My husband is wonderful and we have three beautiful babes.  And I have foxgloves to look at out of my windows! 

PS - The magic number is 32. xo

Tell me about you!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Apple Tree, Apple Tree; Will the Apple Fall on me...

Apple tree, apple tree, will the apple fall on me?  I learnt this little ditty at university when I returned to study three years ago to be a kindergarten teacher.  Each time I think about apples - this comes to mind.  This gorgeous apple tree has been saved from my sister-in-laws house.  We transplanted it while dormant - it stands over two metres tall.  Is it not amazing what one can do when determined?  Mister J was at work while I dragged it through the garage and replanted the tree.  Many doubted the tree would survive the move.  I am happy to show you the pictures of the blossom and leaves that are abundantly growing!

My gorgeous Master S spent some time at his aunts and played in the yard with her chickens.  Master S also overcame his petting zoo fears at Children's Day.  The anticipated move has caused great amounts of anxiety for Master S.  He announced he would love some chickens - I assured him we could once we have a larger yard.  Master S was so determined to have some sooner and went about building this lovely chicken coop!

I love the light in these pictures - and Master S was so happy being outdoors.  Here is Otto my gnome looking after the apple tree.  I am wondering if the new owners will allow me to pick up the apple tree next winter and move it again while it is dormant.

Master J accompanied Master S and I to the Royal Children's Hospital for a check on the maxilla spacer.  I was wondering how many Beckwith-Wiedemann patients are being seen at the RCH.  All is going very well with the spacer.  Master S has a large gap now between his teeth, two more weeks of winding - and then it needs to stay in for another few months.

Where we go from there I am unsure - I think it may be a plate.  Master J declared he wanted to move in to the Royal Children's and live there.  This was immediately following our discovery of a different playground we had not been to before.  Much better than McDonalds - this gorgeous playground is surrounded by a sensory garden.  Sensory gardens are one of my most favourite things in the world.  It is something I only learnt of at university and through our Steiner experience.  I have aimed to make our garden into a sensory garden.  Yesterday Master J enjoyed picking wild strawberries after his jump on the 'jumpoline'.  

Master S introduced Master J to the Starlight room.  I was feeling a little dismal that they were so attracted to the computer games.  Right next to the game console was this wonderful glockenspiel.  Master S then played a wonderful rendition of Waltzing Matilda and my dismay disappeared!

And then Master S noticed some wall art on the building.  I love it when we have these creative experiences together!

When visiting the Royal Children's, if you need some free parking, head straight up Gatehouse Street.  Mister J discovered this little spot about a 200 metre walk from the main entrance.  We enjoyed the sunshine filled walk (perhaps we wouldn't so much on a rainy day like today).  Then I saw my dream car!!!  When I was 18 and buying my first car - I so wanted a VW Bug.  If I was who I am now, back then; I would have bought one.  I did listen to the opinions of Mister J and my father.  Maybe once the kids have all grown up hey!

Back to the sensory garden.  Miss G is loving Junior Masterchef and decided to cook chicken schnitzel last night for dinner.  Master J was so excited to pick herbs from our garden and even took a mouthful of rosemary - needles to say he found it a tad tasty!  Miss G is now contracted to be the cook of crumbed chicken - it was divine and gave mine a run for my money.

Update on the move....  Mister J has almost finished the paving and then we will be on the market!  Yay!  Anxiety got the better of me last week - but the day finished up with a wonderful dinner at the children's new school.  Each year the new prep families are welcomed into the school with a dinner to meet teachers and other new parents.  This was such a blessing to me. Once there I felt at home and was reminded of why we are making such a big change for our family.

Here is the note that was attached to the bonbonniere we were given.  Happy rainy Melbourne day everyone. xo

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

So much for my blogging each day!  I wanted to say hello and let you know so much is happening!  Busy is good sometimes, and it is good at the moment.  As soon as it is too much - I tend to cancel appointments and hibernate!

This morning was a great day in Hastings for children's day.  I was able to catch up with some lovely ladies and enjoy the sunshine.  Master J ran off on me many a time.  I kind of feel a little bad that these days that I don't worry.  In the past I would not even venture out - as Master J would disappear and had no road sense - I would come home having a panic attack.  Now at 5 - he does not go too far - usually to the last repetitive activity he was at before I dragged him away.  I am thankful for the sun and continue to be amazed how joyful being outside is especially when the sun is shining.  It is food for my soul.

These drummers were wonderful, from the local high school.  Master J was not very.

I bumped into another local mother with one Asperger child (and possibly her second who is going through a diagnosis).  It was great chatting - and I was saddened by her news of a marriage separation.  I have read that the statistics for marriage breakdown are so very high when one partner has an ASD.  I am so thankful for my husband and our commitment to each other - and that we are both willing to put our pride aside and do what it takes.

Ladies skirts are finally hot off my machine - I made three yesterday afternoon.

Another little pinny for a 2 to 3 year old as well - I must say this is my favourite.

This afternoon brings hanging out the washing, attempting to get Master J to do some drawing and then it will be school time.  We are having a school night sleepover.   Miss M, the children's cousin was so confident as to ask me if she could take me up on my offer of a school night sleepover.  It sounds exciting to have someone else make your lunch and take you to school when you are 11!

I almost forgot to mention my first trip to Casey Race.  Miss G had two birthday parties there on the weekend.  My Master J is quite timid with pools, but the amazing water play areas were fantastic.  What a wonderfully designed venue for all ability groups. xo

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Asperger's, Anxiety & a Bedside Table

I have received a couple of very lovely emails from some of my readers.  There words were to thank me for this blog and how encouraging it is.  I am so glad.  Some have said how positive and bright they find it.  Some have said I am an inspiration.  I read another blog the other day - and Selena was discussing keeping it real.  So I just wanted to let you know that your words of encouragement actually encourage me!  This blog helps me to focus on the positives of my life - but it is not all as pretty as the pictures.  I wanted to let you know  I am struggling with my middle Aspie boy, I am in my trackies with paint on my hands and look quite shabby!

What do you do when your child wraps himself in a blanket and won't talk to you for over an hour or squishes himself into his wardrobe?  I really don't know - I have tried all the things positive parenting books and early intervention services suggest.  Maybe you out there with children who actually have additional needs can help!  At the moment we are struggling with the unknown, new situations and that whole Asperger manner of being oblivious to anyone else in the world (unless of course it suits the one with Aspergers).  Sometimes it is just easier to give in and let the boys have screen time.  It breaks my heart - I feel like a bad parent.  So Master S is off school today and has loved being outside - mowing the neighbours lawns with his push-mower!  I am hoping this day off school refreshes him.

To the latest creations...  I found a great bedside table at the tip op-shop - it has come up lovely so far.  I lined the drawers with Cath Kidston paper.  More birdcages have come about with beautiful vintage sheet music origami birds.  I am actually feeling a little stale at the moment - busting to sew some ladies dresses - but fabric is scarce at the moment!  Do you have any old tablecloths in your cupboard I could buy?  xo

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Too Much Creativity = Space Cadet

Having so much creativity going on in my brain can at times get me into trouble.  I am very thankful my husband is so logical.  I was so excited this morning to have found so many treasures at garage sales.  Some of the items really needed a good scrub - so I thought the dishwasher was the perfect place.  Does it not sound logical to put rusty old metal objects in a hot dishwasher to get all of the dust and cobwebs off?

Well - I thought it did.  They all came up a treat.  I found a fabulous metal set of 12 tiny drawers - they definitely had to be clean to fit buttons and the like inside!

The treasures were perfectly clean after the wash and still showing their rusty appearance.  Mister J enters the kitchen.  Ooops!

Some of the treasures apparently contained lead and there were tiny flakes of metal all through the dishwasher.  Oh dear - I felt like a little girl in trouble!  It is funny to me as I share this - I have so much creativity going on that I truly do become a space cadet!  Mister J has cleaned the dishwasher and asked me kindly to leave - a perfect opportunity to put the new treasures at The Vintage Shed!

I am very thankful when I have these mishaps - Mister J can come to the rescue!

Now these are part of the reason for some of my creative-brain!  I am so happy with these cute little ornaments!  Do you like them?

This bird spoon is my favourite, we will keep this one.  Hope your Saturday is great! xo

Friday, October 15, 2010

Me and Aspergers

I have been thinking all day what I could share with you.  I think it is about time to chat about what life is like from my point of view with three Asperger males in my home.

Well, it is pretty exciting.  Mostly because I always know where I stand.  They are always honest - I may not like to hear the truth though!  Before we knew we were contending with Asperger's - I often felt like I could never make my family happy.  I really did lose myslef for many years.  I lost my creativity.  I lost my confidence.  I became a bit depressed and neglected all the things that make me me.  If I gardened or created something - Mister J would think it was a waste of time.  Why would someone be creative?  How could I keep myself being myself with such negative feedback while I also was committed to make my family work.

Knowledge is power.  Thankfully we read some wonderful books and after some specialist appointments, our home is now proud to say we have two neuro-typical, creative and at times flamboyant females.  And three amazing males with Asperger's who are brilliantly minded and musical.  We might not always understand each other, but really that is pretty normal.  We do have respect for each other.  We have a greater understanding of why I like flowers and Mister J, Master S and Master J like numbers.

Knowledge has allowed creativity to return.  We no longer have resentment because it may appear I am wasting my time creating.  I am feeling so free.  This is how Squiggly Rainbow came to become.  Miss G named our little business and I just love it - such an oxymoron.  Rainbow's aren't squiggly - but they kind of are in our home! xo

Thursday, October 14, 2010


What makes you feel happy?  I had a chat with hubby last night about what makes his heart sing.  Yesterday I had an op-shopping afternoon while Master J was at kindergarten.  I came across this amazing childrens book full of the most magical illustrations.  Just looking through the book at all the pictures made my heart come alive.  It was quite surprising even to myself!  Such a simple thing - so much joy.  Tell me - what makes you happy?

Mister J and I talked about the move last night.  It is so exciting, such a faithful experience - can be scary at times too!  My requests are space and light.  We need a home with lots of natural light - is does crazy things to my brain!

Ok, so here are some picture updates of the last week.  So many things going on.  I am most excited about my spoon creations.  I would like to say the whole idea was not mine alone - but it is a  modification of some artwork I saw through Meet Me at Mikes blog.  I just love this blog and all the amazing works of creation Pip has going on.

So here is the tidying of my craft space, and after three days I have managed to keep it in order.



Spring looks great from my bedroom window.

A typical Autistic presented dinner in my home.

Across the dinner table, Miss G looking adorable with her four-year-old kindergarten picture in the background.

Miss G's experiment with photography on an excursion to the Royal Botanic Gardens - I was quite proud.

I am off to The Vintage Shed now - a big restocking of the stall.  Will try and get some good pics up for you all.

Also stay tuned for an amazing act of kindness emailed through to me by another 12 year old! xo

Friday, October 8, 2010

What makes you tick?

What makes you feel happy?  I would really love to know even the simplest things my readers feel blessed about.  It is definitely the little things that rock my boat. The sunshine of course, cuddles with my children and time with my husband.  But another thing that really blesses me and makes me tick is random little bits of kindness.  Are not these forks with a pearl handle just divine?  They are a little bit of kindness I was given this week - together with another few of sets of wooden knitting needles to add to my collection.


Kindness really goes such a long way.  The two ladies who gave me these little giftlings - probably don't know what it meant.  So I encourage you all to remember how our kindness can just light up someone's day - even if  it would not bright up yours.

This is my Grandma's old jug - just suits perfectly displaying my needles when I am not knitting.  The 'Spring' book in the background is a Steiner-Waldorf inspired book with great seasonal activities to do with children - I love it!

The stall is looking wonderful - I have an appointment tomorrow morning with the local garage sales.  I am so excited for what treasures I may find!


I must give an update on Master S and his maxilla spacer.  My brave boy ventured for yet another Royal Children's Hospital visit with Dad yesterday.  I have since heard that many children are actually fitted with these contraptions.  However a child with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome is  at a disadvantage of their tongue not having full mobility post tongue reduction surgery.  We were told prior to surgery that tongue mobility would not be affected - however this is something that has happened with our Master S.  I cannot believe it has been 8 years since tongue reduction surgery.

Eating thus far is a bit of a problem as Master S is particularly sensitive to certain foods.  This is a common characteristic of Autism Spectrum Disorders due to sensory processing issues.   It is painful to watch your child have to deal with these challenges.  We feel very blessed that these are the worst of our children's health challenges. If we had to chose - these would be on our list of special needs!

Here is a picture story of Master S and the first 18 months of our Beckwith-Wiedemann Journey...


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