Sunday, November 28, 2010

My China Doll

My China doll had her ballet photographs today.  I did get the most magnificent shot of her and wanted to share it - however Miss G was very shy  for it to go blog public.  I feel like I am painting an exquisite china doll when I put Miss G's stage make-up on.  I remember when she was a newborn I felt like I was holding a tiny porcelain doll.  So I snapped these quick shots this afternoon - so fine.

Another moment of progress was Master J using a knife and fork for the first time - and also trying a new dinner.  Egg on toast with a happy face!  Foods overlapping and mixed together usually do not go down well at all for Master J - so this was a huge breakthrough! 

I made my most favourite little frock ever last night.  I wish I could make it in my size - one day when I find the right fabric I just might!  How sweet is this...

Re-reading some Steiner/Waldorf blogs inspired me to make some felt costume crowns for kids.  I will be making them for my nieces and nephews for Christmas - they are just adorable.  So good to know they won't snap in half like plastic ones.  These are in the stall at the moment.

I received a new comment this afternoon from someone who visited The Vintage Shed today.  My aim of blogging and creating and uniting the two together has started to come to fruition - with my first 'non-friend' commenting on the blog!  If you are reading and enjoying - or want to leave a note - please do.  It is a great encouragement to me!  xo

Saturday, November 27, 2010

They've Come So Far

So many families may take for granted that their children will sit and do a painting or help in the kitchen.  These activities can cause such angst aswell as calm to someone on the Autism Spectrum.  The reason for this is the amount of sensory input and response one gets.  Paint may stick on the fingers, glue feels icky, spilling flour on the bench is 'out of order'... it goes on and on.  Usually at early intervention families or therapists work with children to challenge these sensory aversions.  A whole session could be focussed on merely playing with goop - the reason would be to try and create a positive experience in an otherwise traumatic experience for the autistic mind.

Master S has always liked to draw and paint; and Master J has always liked to cook in the kitchen.  This week, the tables turned.  I was so proud to watch my boys exercise a new behaviour and get themselves through a task.  Each has different sensory defensiveness - and each tried something different.  Concentration was great and I felt refreshed as a mother to have a breakthrough!  Master S successfully baked chocolate chip cupcakes completely by himself (oops, except for some hand-mixer help due to his poor fine motor strength).  The tasted delicious too!

Miss G and I ventured out in the rain this morning and squelch squrched  through the grass at The Studio in Merricks.  There were some lovely stalls with very inspiring works.  One delightful lady I met had some gorgeous and unique talents... check her out!  This is one of her beautiful creations.

Had to capture this gorgeous family moment that delighted my heart!  Mister J loves storms - the children have adopted this love.  Melbourne weather is wet this weekend and they all sat themselves on the new paving to watch the lightning storm.  So sweet seeing how happy they all were - of course it made me happy to!

Happy rainy Saturday everyone. xo

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Great Australian Dream

What is your dream? Do you have a great day and breath in and out and be thankful for what you have?

 I did that today.  The sprinkler, fun, watering the vegetables, cuddles with my kids, a husband that cares and chatting with friends.  What a blessed day.  I wish each day was so simple.  I feel when I am creating - things are simple.  Then; I have to accommodate people.  Oh dear - then things seem to get unstuck.  Mmmm - not all the time - just sometimes!

I am so thankful for life's simple pleasures - these are the things that make me most happy.  What makes you happy?

The transplanted apple tree is growing apples.  I can't believe how exciting this is!  Apparently there are three different varieties of apples on this tree.  I am planning on preserving them with the children.  We have never preserved fruit - this should be a memorable moment in time!

Christmas is coming, our house is for sale, we need to find a new house to live in.... I need to decorate the Christmas tree... do the Christmas shopping, organise the household, pack, move, be a mother and wife ...... aaahhhhhhhhh !

My solace will be in cuddling and enjoying my family and weaving heart wreaths for my stall at The Vintage Shed.

How is your week? xo

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Have Missed You my Blog!

Hello!  Yes, we are still here.  So busy getting ready for inspections and house photo's.  Always wanting to pull out the paints, sewing machine or paper and make a mess where I have already cleaned up!

Hooley dooley!  I am learning so much about myself each day.  The lesson lately is that my brain seems not to handle stress.  I get this adrenalin thing happening, can't sleep and oh dear - very cranky.  Poor Mr J.  Here's praying the next couple of months will be smooth!  The house should be online next week.

On a practical note I discovered a decoupage trick.  I was having problems with bubbles in my work.  Drying the item in the direct sunlight seems to allow the paper to shrink back a little and bubbles disappear.  I had to cover a disaster up with some fabric.  It looks very cute now - and no-one would know!  This is the disaster before fabric.

I upcycled the cutest little telephone table I picked up during a fleeting visit to my hometown.  I just can't seem to do black though.  Out came the can paint, some decoupage and a re-upholster!  Voila - the Little Red Riding Hood setee...

Here is a snapshot of last nights first bbq with the paving finished.  Lots of fun - one glass of red too much for me though! xo

Friday, November 12, 2010

You Learn Something New Every Day

One of my favourite blogs is Bluebirdbaby - Erin has a wonderful fresh way about her writing and journey.  I love hearing the creative and Steiner-Waldorf inspired things of her life.  Today she shared about a celebration her family attended called 'Martinmas Day'.  This got my curiosity as I had never heard of such a celebration.

Good old wikipedia came in handy.  I was discussing with someone last week about the cultural festivals we have in Australia.  Yesterday in Australia we had Remembrance Day.  We have apparently Australianised a very universal date of celebration.

These are two pictures care of Wikipedia of Martinmas parades in Europe

The Europeans celebrate a variety of festivals or celebrations on November 11.  These range from Armistice Day to Feast of Saint Martins Day to Martinmas Day.  Armistice Day began at the end of World War I and St Martin's celebrations as early as the early Middle Ages.  In North America this time of year is Thanksgiving.

There you go!  I find it really interesting and an amazing call to community.  Perhaps this is another reason for the move - it is great being connected with others and sharing life's simple pleasures.  I do miss these events we attended at Wurru Wurru Steiner Kindergarten.  Hopefully the Mornington Peninsula will be able to establish a very firm Waldorf-Steiner base.  We are looking forward to new experiences in our new community - not a Steiner Community - but many like-minded people!

We are adopting some and enjoying celebrating as a family.  This is our birthday bunting - Miss G and I made a boy and girl version.  They measure about 38 metres long and we string it through the house or yard for birthdays in our family!  Tell me, do you have any traditions you celebrate?

Dollar Wise Decorating

I don't know about you - but I find it difficult to go and spend  money on something if I can do it myself.  I read through magazines and blogs for creative inspiration.  We have had estate agents through yesterday and today ready to go on the market.  To my surprise they have all commented on various bits and pieces adorning our home.  All of them were little things we have made.  Really; the reason I made things to start with was to not spend money but I wanted my home to feel warm and inviting.  Then I realised how much I enjoy to create and it hasn't stopped.  

So I thought I would share with you a couple of things I have done in the last two days and how much they cost me.  If you are not that creative - just open a magazine and get some ideas.  Everyone will love noticing something different in your home - something that is not store bought!  Ooohh - that makes me think about Christmas... I have some Christmas ideas I will share with you in the coming days!

One of the agents looking at our house conceded new buyers may have no idea about vegetable gardens and suggested I label all the vegies.  I sat down and google searched ideas and found this one care of Martha Stewart.   I didn't have small enough stamps and buying some especially would have defeated the purpose of saving money.  So I used a permanent marker in black and found the smoothest pebbles in our paths I could. Cost of this project was free as I had the materials!  Below is the new herb garden all planted out and looking great.

I have loved this poster from the first time I saw it - me being frugal didn't want to spend the overpriced amount.  Thanks to Country Style magazine this was free as a tea towel!  I picked the frame up at a garage sale for $2 - some Cath Kidston paper as a background matte which cost $3 and voila a framed print with character for $5.

The table is not quite finished - I will take a better picture and show you soon.  You get the idea though.  It cost me $5 at the tip - a coat of white paint and some more Cath Kidston paper decoupage on top.  It looks so cute.  The lamp base was given to me by my grandparents.  I just love its simplicity.  The shade was also given to me - not that attractive with a beige fleck through it.  I painted the shade and with a calligraphy pen I messily wrote in my handwriting one of my favourite little ditties.  The vase is an tall jar pureed tomatoes come it - nice and tall - and free!  This whole project cost if you count glue and paper and paint less than $10.

Another wonderful blog is an American blog by Selena titled Apron Thrift Girl.  Selena is wonderful at being thrifty and has lots of wonderful advice.  Do you have any projects you can share with me?  I love reading all your comments too.  If you have been reading and not commented - please do! xo

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Move

We took a trip up last week to Gembrook to look at some land.  Mister J liked it - I thought 30 acres of bush was a bit too bushy.  These are the surrounding areas - just beautiful.  I am so excited for the coming months.  We have been discussing our new pets - some chickens and dogs.  Both boys want a dog each - two miniature dachshunds.  I think they have decided on calling them Slinky and Sizzles.  I was hoping for Poppy, Olive or the like!

Master S has been blessed today with his new teacher making a one hour trip to visit.  I have never heard of a teacher being prepared to come to the school of a new pupil to initiate the transition process.  Miss G even enjoyed the meeting and became more curious for her place at the new school.  Master J has his prep transition day tomorrow - I will see if Miss G will accompany us too!

The paving is done!  Hallelujah!  The children and I sat at our new little table and enjoyed our dinner.  The new herb garden is planted out - and I do hope we will get to enjoy some of its fruits before we move.  Master S has found his new love of mowing the lawn with the push mower.  Our back yard is looking so lovely now.

Time to create has been very limited whilst getting the house ready for sale.  I have been selling some of my decoupage work on ebay though.  It's success has been very encouraging with more orders coming in.  Here is a gorgeous little retro coffee table with 1950's Roy Rogers comic strip on top.  It is very therapeutic getting my hands all glued up and smoothing paper!  Happy Spring evening to you all. 


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