Thursday, December 29, 2011


It has been so nice just relaxing and spending time together.  Very little television, lots of lego, lots of cooking and lots of cuddles.

Miss G has been making pasta and ice cream.  Master S setting up a town on the kitchen table.  Master J following Master S around and being very smoochable.  I love the things they say.  Yesterday as Master J drew and and coloured 5 red hearts and wrote I love you on the back, I said wow - you love me.... his response "You bet ya".  So beautiful and such a blessing to me.

Some tiny craft projects and getting our paper rolls ready for new seed planting.  Loving our potted garden coming along so well.

Today we are feeling a bit better after Clementine is finally resting in peace.  A huge mis-communication and misunderstanding lead me to believe I had to do the deed as the Mr DCT was not going to help.  He was actually fully intending on helping after arousing from night shift. 

So with me thinking it was me who had to take responsibility - I winced as I attempted and thought I was successful at ringing Miss Clementine's neck.  She appeared to stop breathing, was still, eye's rolled back and so on - the rest of the details you can imagine.  If I buried her, the fox's would dig her up.  The rubbish bin was full and the forest across the road was an appealing place to lay her at peace.  I kept checking to make sure she was still 'gone'.  She was there for a few hours, still, not breathing or moving it appeared. 

Then I felt like the worst pet owner in the world - as I left the house to hang the washing on the line, there was Miss Clementine by the front door.  Wounded bum and sitting there blinking at me.  Oh my, oh my.  How awful.  I had to do it again.  The children were so supportive.  Mr DCT was very distressed as he woke up and realised I had not heard him in my early morning slumber that he would take care of it.

So the question on this families lips is, is it something we should do?  Have pets?  The pain is too  much sometimes for some.  We all live and die.  I think these are good lessons and life experiences for the kidlets.

We have many thoughts and conversations going on about what the new year holds for our little family.  A bigger house would give us new opportunities to extend ourselves in the community and in our family.  A shed would allow Mr DCT to follow his dreams.  Do we stay here and extend, do we move and build?  Ceasing opportunity like having chickens and following dreams does cause a bit of pain, but it also brings much joy.  Joy makes me smile. 

I bought a gift for Mr DCT for Christmas to remind the family of this!  What is the new year holding for you?  We are off to some friends for lunch - loving this time of year!

Much Love Rach xoxo

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

post #2 for today - maggots

I could be describing a few different things.  But first of all I will start with our little chooklet Clementine.  I didn't lock the chooks away properly on Christmas night and I woke to my chooklets screams.  Ran out and found my three chooks a bit featherless, but alive. The cage had been dug in by what seems a fox.  I locked them in properly.  The next morning I gave them a check over and Miss Clementine has literally had her but bitten off.

Knowing the others would peck at her, I popped her in her own area.  All seemed well after a bath and application of Pinetarsol mixed with Zinc.  The best I could do on Boxing Day.  Today she seemed peachy, but just now upon checking her she has maggots in her wound.  Google told me to rinse it and apply various lotions, all I have is more Pinetarsol and I added salt.... she has been popped back in isolation and I said a little prayer.

Mr DCT is on night shift.  I don't know if it is just night shift, the pattern of life tells me it is.  I find it hard sometimes knowing how to be a wife.  Tell me, am I the only one that feels this way?  There are times that all is well and great - and then there are times that there is that lull.  The lull of complacency maybe?  I am having difficulty identifying what is normal in a marriage.  Is it because I did not have role models that were married growing up?  My Grandparents were very old school, Oma serving Opa and Opa loving Oma - albeit telling us all what a great husband he was.

It seems really hard sometimes.

Much Love Rach xo


Our Christmas in pictures.....

Berry heart tartlets made by Miss G for Christmas desserts.

Watching the Christmas carols drinking egg-nog while joining in with our candles.

Very excited for present time.

The perfect bonding gift for Father and Sons.

Starting our own Christmas breakfast tradition.

Feasting and sharing a meal.

"When you are married as long as us it is like a Christmas tree growing, the older you get, the closer you get to the top of that tree".... famous words from my Opa almost ever time we see them!

I love these front porch photo's - I'd love a little porch like my mums!

They are growing up.

Beautiful cousin Master Z.

Everyone else is cropped out of this shot.... not sure if they would like me popping them on here - but you get the idea!  Happy Christmas from us!

Blessed to have a peaceful joy filled Chrismas - I hope your's was too!

We are playing more Lego today and reading new books.... and catching up on the laundry!

What are you up to?  How was your Christmas?  I hope it was blessed.

Much Love Rach xo

Friday, December 23, 2011

the calm

Yesterday and today are the calm before the Christmas season and quite possibly a real storm on Sunday.  We have been a busy bunch doing lots of cooking, wrapping and planting our summer crops.  The sun has just really started to shine this last week in our nest, so the potager is looking lovely.

Here is Master J harvesting our leeks.  I read if you pop them in some water they will keep growing, so we have them upon our kitchen bench - it's nice to see some greenery too!

Master S delighted me in wanting to learn how to make spaghetti bolognese sauce to serve with our pasta.  He has mastered the art of pancakes and now is extending his repertoire.  There are days I  worry that he won't be able to look after himself as a grown man.  Then when life is less busy, when we have down time and the senses are not overburdened - we have great days and he cooks or masters something peachy and wonderful.

Simone at Vintage Girl was showing her lovely wrapping style - and I thought I'd share ours too.  One can't get enough of Christmas wrapping ideas - especially the brown paper variety.  Albeit not as professional looking or trademark - but the kids just love, love, loved being part of it.  The boys were quite astonished at how great their handiwork looked.  Miss G was recovering after her frolicking with Miss P.

Today Miss G and I have to pick up a few kilograms of berries to make our Christmas dessert to take to family gatherings.  I can't wait to share that with you.

We have lots of washing to fold today, some tidying and then the Mr DCT and I are going on another date!!  Twice in a week.... looking forward to hanging or 'counting' at the Counting House in Mornington with some great friends!

Much Love Rach xx

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I have found instagram

I don't have an iPhone, but we do have an iPad, so I thought I would see what all this fuss is about.  It really is a great, quick way to take some artful shots.  Especially now my camera is even more broken and I can only download onto the iPad, not the computer.  So here are a couple of instagram experiments I took this afternoon.

So much 'i' talk.  I'm feeling too technical.  What I really wanted to show you some pictures of was our gardening of late.  The children have enjoyed harvesting our first potatoes and some leeks that did not do too well.  I cannot find the pics to show you.

Today, with five children in toe.  Master S had his best made Master T.  Miss G had here kindred spirit (the Diana lookalike) Miss P.  Master J was a bit sick and loved admiring the big boys today.  We headed to Bunnings.  My Eden seeds have taken far too long to sprout - I bought lots of established herbs, one established eggplant and lots of seedlings.

My lovely friend had pots galore for me to rescue.  The plan is to make a kitchen garden in pots out the back in my big concrete patch.  The soil is marvelous up in these new hills of ours, so rich and lush.  But we also have wombats.  As lovely as they are - they are eating straight from my vegie garden and I am not getting anything grown other than root vegetables!

Anne Shirley and Diana frolicked in the garden making some sort of catapult and war zone.  Very cute and something I hope to see more of.

The gorgeous friend who gave all the pots also visited yesterday baring gifts.  My new coffee pot needs to find the perfect home - I could look at it for hours - I love it!  Funny how blessed I feel to have people around me who just know me.  That know I would love a coffee pot like this one.

And don't you love Master S' lino cute printing he did at school.  I think my ten year old man has a wonderful creative talent.  This is going straight to the trophy room - or should I say children's art gallery in our living room!

Playing around with settings.  What did today hold for you?  I will tell about our date maybe tomorrow - we are going out again on Friday night with some besties... twice in one week - I'm beginning to feel like a normal person!

Much Love Rach xx

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

now for the pretties!

I posted about the reality of what lay beneath the pretty things..... Now I'll show you those pretties.

Have had  a great, but confronting couple of days.  Spent some time with one of my besties on Sunday, 
Miss H.... what a taste for aesthetics she has helping me re-model the stall.  It is looking great.

A confronting conversation with Mr DCT yesterday morning.  It was a blessing to know some things.  I guess I should really blog about the details of this another time.  The good news is.... we are going on a date tonight and I think we will have at least a fortnightly date night.

We lost the Christmas decoration box in the move, the boys loved using lego, Miss G and I used some left over crochet tablecloth edging and tied red bows!

Some dreams were coming last night.  We cooked dinner with 3/4 of our produce from our chooklets and our garden.  I can't wait to do some more planting today!

Much love to you
Rach xo

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I'm sipping my coffee, seeing the sun rise as I prepare for my second market.  I am so grateful for the orchestra of birds I hear singing from this wee little home.  We have a forest across the road - the view is magical and the sound of birds makes me feel grateful to be here!

a collage I made with Vintage picture book illustrations of birds

Joining in with Maxabella's grateful posts ( I think she is still doing them?).

Much Love Rach xo

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

'so much to tell you' - and yes, I've been checking out John Marsden

It is that busy time of year.  Tomorrow is my kidlets last day of school.  Two of there teacher's we will say farewell to as they leave the school for new adventures of having a baby and teaching at a new school.  We make these connections with gorgeous people, and then the thing that ties us together can be no longer.  There is a fine line for a teacher I suppose, but Mrs B, if you are reading, I do hope for those cuppa's and cuddles of the bub!

I have finished the Christmas shopping albeit one gift, but I will get that in the morning.  My house is out of control as I prepare for the Christmas market at Kallista.  My first market was so wonderful, I am so excited to be a regular part of the Kallista market community!

Next year is an exciting time, I have enrolled in two units of study to continue my ever-so-slow degree in Early Childhood Education.  I will do markets in the warmer months.  Create in school hours and build my stocks.  Hopefully get a better grip of motherhood with some routine and more clarity.  I thought I would jump right in to being organised and knowing what I was doing as soon as Master J started school, but it has taken this year and the move to gain insight into what I am meant to be doing.  The doors slammed shut on what I thought was my dream job at the dream location.  Then clarity came and I feel okay about it.

So I took lots of great photographic shots of the pretty things, the new tree that has lego, doilies and bows decorating it as we could not find the decoration box.  Photo's of the candles and advent calender.  But I thought I'd show you what lies behind the pretty things at the moment.... mess!!!!  I am feeling a great calm over letting it go, after market day, I will tidy - but as long as the dishes and washing are done - really - groundhog day of cleaning and tidying can take a back-step for a couple of weeks.  Can't it?

Much Love Rach xo


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