Sunday, January 23, 2011

Squiggly Sundays - bedside tables

I love getting lost in quirky little things in people's blogs.  Obviously my brain is feeling much better - and this is my time while I blog.  Time to learn, read and experience outside my own world!  Some fun while I have four autistic boys under 9 in my home today.

So each Sunday I am going to share something quirky with you.  Join in and have some fun with Squiggly Sundays!  Copy and paste this picture with a link in your sidebar if you would like to be part of the quirky fun.

So, her goes... my first Squiggly Sunday post....

What would be on my bedside table?  The bedside table of a mother of three, a thrifter, crafter, slightly neurotic and whimsical person?  What's on your bedside table?  Don't clear anything off - I didn't.

My two favorite necklaces and hair clips hung over my lamp.
'Raising Boys' by Steve Bidulph;
a tube of Goanna Heat Cream.
One of Miss G's false eyelashes from her concert 6 weeks ago;
her two fake glue on earrings and concert program.
A price tag from the Squiggly Rainbow stall.
Two bracelets, one of them beaded by Miss G.
My Bible and the TV remote.
A jewelery box given by my old boss for my 21st birthday.
A hand-painted jewelery box made by Mister J's Nan.
4 bobby pins and a piece of 
 red ric rac!


Hope your Sunday is a squiggly one - maybe you'd like to show us your bedside table!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I did it & grateful

My brain is feeling slightly better and I am happy to introduce my new banner - so much hard work (would not be difficult for the extreme computer literate (which I am not)).  Simple, and contains some red.  Stay tuned for a more Squiggly styled banner once we have settled!

And today  

joining in with maxabella

My great thrifting morning and we get the keys to our new home tomorrow morning.

Master J ate a can of tuna for dinner; albeit as a cat on all fours.  This was a great change from vita brits.

My brain is feeling better than it did this afternoon.

My first ever harvest of borlotti beans and they tasted wonderful in my stir-fry.

Enjoy your Saturday xo


My banner is still broken, and it appears so is my brain.  The move is planned for this Wednesday - so at this stage I will be taking a short break from blogging until either my brain has fixed itself or we are settled in the new house.

Much love xo

Friday, January 21, 2011

Banner Breakdown - Oh oh

Just a quick note to let you know I have ruined my banner, and can't fix it - my programs have frozen.... Just wanted to let you know we are still here!  Hopefully tomorrow I can fix it! xo

Thursday, January 20, 2011

activities 101

Okay, I have decided I want to begin a blog hop of free and simple activities to do with our children.  We are in a prime time with school holidays almost over where we may need some fresh ideas.  I know I need them - I want real ones - that you have tried.  I loved Sarah at oesch & doots' colour day.

A few weeks ago my boys took to the backyard with a ball of red wool.  I can't say this was my genius idea of creativity - but try it out.  They were quiet for a couple of hours and went back to play frequently over the next week until I cut, pulled and ripped the yarn away.  Master J called it his laser beam yard!

Okay - here is the method:

- Give child a ball of yarn
- Allow them to wrap it around anything in your yard uninhibited for as long as they want to
- Don't mind the 'untidy' look
- Enjoy the solitude while they are happily playing

Show us your activities!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

some people I know think that I'm craaaaazzzzyyy....

Love that song.  I am feeling a tad crazy at the moment.  Surrounded by boxes.  The move next week was hanging by a thread this morning - oh it made me feel sick to my stomach.

I am missing gardening - my tomatoes are growing slowly. I want to prune back and tidy the yard for the new owner.  Missing planting new vegetables though.  No strawberries with this cool Melbourne weather.  No sewing - no crafting (it's all packed) - ahhh the serenity?  Might have to hit the op-shops this afternoon and then take the children out for ice-cream.

The stall is filling up.  I still have more boxes to pack.  Mister J has not packed any of his 'stuff'.  I have told him his boxes of computer gadgets, go-cart bits, paperwork and excess clothing cannot come into the house until they are sorted.  Oh my I am bossy.

I am SO looking forward to moving - and love where we are going in all ways.....  Not just the house, but the change in schools, more trees, bigger yard, smaller community, birds singing - ahhh sounds a bit like La La Land!

Here are some of the things I will miss a little from our home - only worldly treasures I know.

This painting I painted on our paling fence.

Coming in the front door and popping my bags on this - oh so simple - and yes, I can put another one in the new house.

My chandeliers.  And our gorgeous little cubby house laden with Cecil Brunner roses.

What are you up to today? xo

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

thrift share tuesday & dolly making

Each week I love to share with you the thrifted treasures I find on my op-shopping, car-boot and yard sale travels.  Most item's will then be found at Squiggly Rainbow's stall in Tyabb's The Vintage Shed.  So I will begin with my first official thrift share Tuesday which will be linked in with this with this most inspirational thrifting blog (the first blog I ever read) and Sophie's blog who is an Australian thrifter.

Yesterday we took the family to Scienceworks.  I must say it was the best place you can take an avid thrifter as well as an autistic family.  Master S and Master J (even Miss G for that matter) loved the interactive play based activities.  This was a wonderful day out for our family.  The boys appeared calm amidst large groups of people.  The exhibitions are extremely stimulating for the mathematical mind and those who like to stim (repetitive movements often associated with autism spectrum disorders).

Thankfully my highlight was experiencing a positive day out with my autistic boys and neuro-typical daughter at the same venue.  My creative non-mathematical mind was delighted to find the 'home' exhibition had wonderful showcase of vintage items - I had my fix of more thrifting education.  I even spotted this little calender my mum has always had.

So many vintage toys.

Here is what I found this week.  Twelve lovely 120 year old cedar house corbels from a little old house in Walkerville.

After our trip to Scienceworks.  We checked out the op-shops in Williamstown.  My only score for the day was this gorgeous art-deco mirror. I am tempted to keep it.  I love these mirrors.  The packing boxes I picked up last week, they will make someone lovely shelves.

This thrifted vintage fabric will be used for some of the dolly's I will be making for some Queensland flood affected people.

I hope to hear all about your finds too, much love xo

Join in sharing your thrifting finds - pop your link in below!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grateful and Thankful

I have been following this blog and reading it tonight reminded me of a part of my life I hope is long gone.  It was the first few years of struggling with Autism Spectrum Disorder in my household.

Focusing on the positives in my life helps me get through each day - and this blog is a wonderful way of recording and sharing my artistic journeys and the autistic one's too!

This blogger was the most recent I read today on being grateful.  It is a blessing to read and share these simple gratitude's with others.  There was also this amazing parenting article she referred to.  Very interesting.

So I just wanted to quickly share with you things I am grateful for today...

My Master S read to me this evening - with his maxilla expander still fastened to the roof of his mouth.  His articulation post tongue-reduction is still hindered.  I am thankful for his persevering attitude.  He is so brave.  His little brother - Master J has just noticed the difference in their tongues.  Master S has handled the inquisitive nature of Master J's into his life with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome.

I am thankful and grateful that we can now go on more family outings with Master J and Master S.  We still usually have to avoid highly populated places - but I no longer have to force Master J into his car seat by physical pressure.  I am thankful for this.  I am very thankful for our car - Master J has the middle row to himself to allow for his siblings safety from eye gouging.

I am grateful for the brilliant minds of our children.

We are dry and safe and have some lovely like-minded friends in our life.

We have love.  I have a wonderful Mister J - my dream come true. Three lovely kidlets.

And I always have craft!  There is lots more - just wanted to do a bit of an additional needs grateful post!


Tell me what you are thankful for today

Guess what I've been doing...

Oh, so much.... packing, school holiday mumma tasks, knitting, visiting my mum, thrifting, flower making, and went out on the town with one of my besties to see SALLY SELTMANN!!!!!!!!!  I have not been 'out' doing adult stuff with a friend for some years.  I felt like a bird let out of it's cage.

However - all of this has been feeling a little odd with the Queensland flood disaster's.  I have not even been able to blog in the light of sounding a tad selfish.  My worldly focus on our move, putting in a new kitchen and packing all our belongings - struck an oxymoron type chord while I watched people losing their communities in the north.

There are so, so, so many kind people out there lending a hand of support.  When chatting with my kidlets about what we could do, Master J suggested some come and live with us.  I assured him we could offer that if we lived closer!

Anyway - most of my crafting supplies are packed except glue and knitting needles.  StephMonkeemoomoo and many other kind hearted people have started some handmade initiatives to support Queenslander's affected by the floods.  I've been wondering what we can do to help.  I found this delightful book in the library and decided to knit some pretend play foods.  And then I found this.... some boys might like some knitted bugs and animals.  Can you help too?

If you click on the links on my sidebar it will direct you to where you can post your handmade treasures.

The lovely Sarah from Oesch & Doots also set fourth a wonderful challenge of blessing others. 

" I promise something handmade to the FIRST 5 people who leave a comment here. However, to be eligible, you must repost this message, offering something handmade to 5 other people. The rules are that it must be handmade by you, and it must be sent to your 5 giftees sometime in 2011. Ready, set, GO! "

This challenge has been doing the rounds of many bloggers.  I am thinking from Squiggly Rainbow's end I may change it with a twist.  For the first five people that leave a comment - I will also give an extra handmade treasure to the flood appeal.  I can't promise it will be a perfect handmade treasure - but it will be full of love and Squiggly style!

Now for some advice.  I am the one who needs advice.  You know we are moving in about 12 days.... Well, the house was built in the 1960's and will be having the blue carpet and linoleum ripped up straight away and timber floors sealed.  A new kitchen being put in a la Ikea a bit like this.

with a sink like this

The thing is our PINK bathroom.  I really want to embrace the pink bath and pedestal sink.  However the wallpaper and blue tiles have to go.   I think it is quirky and will be different to everyone else's bathrooms that are usually all the same.  I have been thinking about Cath Kidston, polka dots, painting the blue tiles white....

Tell me what you think.  Can you leave me a link with some ideas to bathrooms you may have seen.  Or has your creative intuition dreamed up a delightful solution?

Don't forget the handmade appeals, if you are not confident in your abilities, there are simple tutorials out there to try.  All you need is a bit of love - that's what the receivers will feel when their parcel arrives!

Friday, January 7, 2011

words and a mannequins bottom

Sometimes I have so much to share I just don't know where to start.... I have had many thoughts running through my mind all day long.  Maybe the best place to start is with the creative updates.

This is my $5 table and the mannequin I picked up a couple of weeks ago.  The mannequin is for the stall and the table is for the new house.  When I bought the table I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with it.  A lovely friend suggested I decoupage the top.  So I am thinking this would be a great idea and I will just distress the legs and give it a coat of Estapol.  What do you think?  The children think I should decoupage the top with pictures of them.  I am not sure  - was thinking a collection of pictures spiraling in a rainbow colour.

The mannequin turned out wonderfully - however I did feel a tad uneasy when I was decoupaging the bottom!

Now that most of my craft supplies are packed, I am left with paper and glue.  I have discovered that Mod Podge really is the best thing to use - albeit the expense.  Miss G and I decoupaged a wooden spoon today - will show you the pics tomorrow.  Really - anything that needs jazzing up at the moment is being decoupaged!

We went to my favorite beach this morning, it was overcast and quiet.  Quite nice.  The children loved exploring the rock pools.  I loved to see how uninhibited my boys were.  I have heard of many children on the spectrum not enjoying the beach because of an adverse sensory reaction.  Really, there is no rhyme or reason I am finding to what my boys like and dislike.  Miss G wondered why the seaweed was not green and the water not blue.  

Blue skies were hidden by cloud - it was still so warm.

We stopped on the way home at the close by Op-Shop.  Many delights I did find.  I love this Vintage Dutch Jug with a pewter lid and the Italian silk prints.

While packing this afternoon I came across this note given to me by a friend.


I have been pondering it's words all afternoon and evening.  I don't see much of this friend of recent times.  This is a friendship I thought had value although we are very different.  It does hurt.  My Grandma even noticed the silence at a recent function.  I feel it has not been to my avail - maybe it has.  I did the best I could in my circumstances.  I wonder if it is because my family is so demanding I choose to be focused on them? Maybe it is because I have begun to set boundaries - like "no, sorry you can't visit regularly at 7pm while I am trying to put my children to bed". Maybe she didn't like me being myself?  I know she is busy raising two young children. Mmmm - interesting.

Who knows - I have learnt it is quite tricky to become very close with people.  Some don't like to discuss hurts.  My family is quite quirky.  Have you had this experience?  What do you suggest?  Some say you become the company you keep.  Maybe some don't want to become a family with additional needs! LOL!

Kate at Foxs Lane discussed making choices this year.  I remarked that my choices to set boundaries have actually shunned very close people.  It has been a long time coming - and sad that these people do not appreciate me as someone worthwhile to have an opinion.

I am thankful for those who do appreciate and respect.  Thankyou to you.  I am going to continue to be myself .

Happy Weekend xo

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Almost a wordless Wednesday... These are the latest we found in Savers today (a big Australian Thrift Store).  If only I had found them in time for Christmas.  The boys wore them all day through Funkytown while Miss G was learning the art of op-shopping.  If only I had the camera then!  Instead, I took some shots on our night walk.

How was your day?  Tell me what you've been up to!  I love to read your comments - it delights my day. xo

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Sneak Peak

Today's craft project is to decoupage an old school desk lid with my comic strip paper - not too creative, but everything is getting packed.  Will show you some photo's later.

Wanted to share a sneak peak of where we will be moving too and some delightful surprises I received on my birthday yesterday.  My Miss G made my day so special, made her own gift wrap and framed a drawing for me.  So blessed.

Knowing I love birds, she even gave me a new one for my collection.

There are trees, so many varieties - fruiting and ornamental.  The yard needs a big tidy up - it is so magical.  Where we have been living the last five years is a new area with hardly any trees.  I feel so happy around nature - and cannot wait to go on night walks each day with the forest directly across the road.

There are quirky little bits around and about.

I love, love, love these windows.  I have always loved 1960's brick houses and the white windows, as we approached the house when we first saw it - Mister J and I knew it was the one!  New curtains will be delightful.

Thinking we might build a deck on this front entrance to soften it a little.

This front pocket of the yard will be wonderful to put my garden bench and sit watching the birds frolic.  I think we will also dream of faery's.

I am getting so excited to de-clutter as I pack, move and settle in our new home.  It is a bit quirky, and I just love it.  We are going to embrace most of it's quirkiness, and change only some things.

Oh - I almost forgot to tell you about our date night.  My mum watched the kidlets, and my Mister J took me to the movies and my new favorite restaurant!  This place was so inviting, relaxing and wonderful service.  The light fittings were VERY inspiring too!

I am so thankful for my life - some of what I share may seem a bit trivial. I hope not, but I am thinking this right now as I have just discovered an old church friend lost her daughter four days ago.  xo


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