Thursday, January 20, 2011

activities 101

Okay, I have decided I want to begin a blog hop of free and simple activities to do with our children.  We are in a prime time with school holidays almost over where we may need some fresh ideas.  I know I need them - I want real ones - that you have tried.  I loved Sarah at oesch & doots' colour day.

A few weeks ago my boys took to the backyard with a ball of red wool.  I can't say this was my genius idea of creativity - but try it out.  They were quiet for a couple of hours and went back to play frequently over the next week until I cut, pulled and ripped the yarn away.  Master J called it his laser beam yard!

Okay - here is the method:

- Give child a ball of yarn
- Allow them to wrap it around anything in your yard uninhibited for as long as they want to
- Don't mind the 'untidy' look
- Enjoy the solitude while they are happily playing

Show us your activities!


  1. Totally marvellous!! Love the idea of this and am going to find some wool to give to my son to do with as he chooses :)

  2. I love your wool idea Rach. I know that would go down well here as I am forever trying to protect my wool stash from little hands who love to unravel balls up and down the hall way! I put some plastic mesh around the vegie patch recently to keep the chooks from scratching all the mulch away, and we did some weaving from left over strips (plenty of those around the house with the quilting I've been doing!) Very meditative and good for little fingers!

    I love your new header - what software do you use to make that? I don't want to fork out for Adobe Creative Suite...

  3. Good morning, Rachel!
    Have a look here:

  4. Thankyou to you acacne - I hope she pops her link in the linky thing - I love them!! just beautiful - how do people find such wonderful blogs? Am feeling a bit isolated in the blogging world! xo

  5. Hey Rachael,
    I was trying to insert the linky code in a blogpost, but it doesn't seem to work... I hope I can figure it out...
    Why do you feel isolated? I feel like there are a lot of people reading your inspiring blogand I think you definitely stand our in the blogging landscape!

  6. thankyou Yaga, I will see if the linky is working. Just feeling isolated not myself, but in my ability (I'm no computer genius) to find other great blogs - just clicking on what other's are reading! xo

  7. Yaga, I think you have to click on the blog hop bit as I did it as a blog hop. Oh dear - hope it works! I tried to do it as a plain link, but I think it will only work via the 'blog hop'. Hope that makes sense! love rach x

  8. I know what you mean, It's absolutely the same here. I just follow links, blogrolls, hops...but that's what all these are for, aren't they!
    i found what I did wrong, it seems the hop does not show in the editor, but if you publish it's there all the same. just finishing now. ;o)



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