Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Almost a wordless Wednesday... These are the latest we found in Savers today (a big Australian Thrift Store).  If only I had found them in time for Christmas.  The boys wore them all day through Funkytown while Miss G was learning the art of op-shopping.  If only I had the camera then!  Instead, I took some shots on our night walk.

How was your day?  Tell me what you've been up to!  I love to read your comments - it delights my day. xo


  1. Great pics. I haven't been to Savers before but have wanted to go. I do go op-shopping regularly enough with my little ones for my toddler to think that is where everyone goes to buy clothes.
    xo MODELmumma

  2. Hallo, Rachel! My son has been wearing one of those helmets for a couple of days...only thing is that he is 21! (He is a bit original).
    Nice blog, I feel humanity in you, your posts move me and I love what you said: 'creativity is a gift of happiness'. It is the same for me and I will be happy to follow you.
    Greetings from Florence!

  3. I love the hard hats, too cute!
    Happy, happy birthday too for the other day. It sounds wonderful. What a great year you have ahead of you, so many adventures and so many firsts. Enjoy.

  4. Gorgous Rach, I love the photos you take and the things that you get up to with your kids. We are in Seaspray this week having a family holiday with Daniel's Aunts and cousins. It's lots of fun, just on the beach and the kids absolutely love it. xx Talia.

  5. Hi: I've been reading your blog. Very interesting, and I'm a bit jealous that you live in the beautiful countryside (I'm stuck in the city). My wife loves the "shabby chique" clothing in your shop.

  6. Lebelinoz, thankyou - we are on the Mornington Peninsula - still quite built up. We are making a big move to a very ASD and NT friendly school - so the three kids can all go to the same school. Will then be in The Dandenongs!

    Thanks, I have a stall in Tyabb at The Vintage Shed!

  7. Enjoy Talia! How much fun - we are hoping to get to the beach tomorrow, but there is nothing like staying somewhere near the beach! xo Hope to catch up soon xoxo

  8. Hey there, your friend Beth put me onto your blog, and I really like it. I have two blogs, mostly about recycled things and thrifting. You might like to start sharing some of your thrifted finds and stories with Sophie @ Her Library Adventures weekly Sunday 'Flea Market Finds' its a lot of fun! Here is the link to the last one:

  9. image 3 is a stunner, of course.... ;)



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