Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grateful and Thankful

I have been following this blog and reading it tonight reminded me of a part of my life I hope is long gone.  It was the first few years of struggling with Autism Spectrum Disorder in my household.

Focusing on the positives in my life helps me get through each day - and this blog is a wonderful way of recording and sharing my artistic journeys and the autistic one's too!

This blogger was the most recent I read today on being grateful.  It is a blessing to read and share these simple gratitude's with others.  There was also this amazing parenting article she referred to.  Very interesting.

So I just wanted to quickly share with you things I am grateful for today...

My Master S read to me this evening - with his maxilla expander still fastened to the roof of his mouth.  His articulation post tongue-reduction is still hindered.  I am thankful for his persevering attitude.  He is so brave.  His little brother - Master J has just noticed the difference in their tongues.  Master S has handled the inquisitive nature of Master J's into his life with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome.

I am thankful and grateful that we can now go on more family outings with Master J and Master S.  We still usually have to avoid highly populated places - but I no longer have to force Master J into his car seat by physical pressure.  I am thankful for this.  I am very thankful for our car - Master J has the middle row to himself to allow for his siblings safety from eye gouging.

I am grateful for the brilliant minds of our children.

We are dry and safe and have some lovely like-minded friends in our life.

We have love.  I have a wonderful Mister J - my dream come true. Three lovely kidlets.

And I always have craft!  There is lots more - just wanted to do a bit of an additional needs grateful post!


Tell me what you are thankful for today

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  1. It's lovely to see a new face, Rachael. There is lots for me to absorb here and I will need to read back through your blog to understand some of what you have been going through.

    Welcome. x



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