Saturday, January 22, 2011

I did it & grateful

My brain is feeling slightly better and I am happy to introduce my new banner - so much hard work (would not be difficult for the extreme computer literate (which I am not)).  Simple, and contains some red.  Stay tuned for a more Squiggly styled banner once we have settled!

And today  

joining in with maxabella

My great thrifting morning and we get the keys to our new home tomorrow morning.

Master J ate a can of tuna for dinner; albeit as a cat on all fours.  This was a great change from vita brits.

My brain is feeling better than it did this afternoon.

My first ever harvest of borlotti beans and they tasted wonderful in my stir-fry.

Enjoy your Saturday xo


  1. Those beans are a work of art! Too pretty to eat, surely? But I bet they tasted delish.

    Hope the move into your new home goes well. x

  2. Those beans are so pretty my MR 4 who barely eats beans would love pink white ones.
    How exciting getting the keys to a new home ...will have to come back and see how you go .
    I wish I could be a more creative thrifter I am going to try in 2011.

  3. back to the original banner now! Oh dear - I think I need to book in for some computer classes!

  4. I saw a pic of some borlotti beans the other day but they didn't look anywhere near as lovely as years. I think I saw someone tweeting the other day that people were having trouble with their banners with blogspot, apparently there is a glitch in the system at the moment which might explain the trouble you are having. Hope this helps. And YAY on the keys to your new home. That's so exciting!

  5. ooh, those borlotti beans look amazing, bet they tasted pretty good too.

    hope your brain is much better Rachael & you are relaxing for the night.

    goodluck with your new home, be happy and keep smiling lovely ♥

  6. Those beans look delicious, so pretty too:) Your banner looks great. Whenever I fiddle with my html codes I always seem to muddle things up which is frustrating, I'd love to know more about computers! I hope your move is going well. xo



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