Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Sneak Peak

Today's craft project is to decoupage an old school desk lid with my comic strip paper - not too creative, but everything is getting packed.  Will show you some photo's later.

Wanted to share a sneak peak of where we will be moving too and some delightful surprises I received on my birthday yesterday.  My Miss G made my day so special, made her own gift wrap and framed a drawing for me.  So blessed.

Knowing I love birds, she even gave me a new one for my collection.

There are trees, so many varieties - fruiting and ornamental.  The yard needs a big tidy up - it is so magical.  Where we have been living the last five years is a new area with hardly any trees.  I feel so happy around nature - and cannot wait to go on night walks each day with the forest directly across the road.

There are quirky little bits around and about.

I love, love, love these windows.  I have always loved 1960's brick houses and the white windows, as we approached the house when we first saw it - Mister J and I knew it was the one!  New curtains will be delightful.

Thinking we might build a deck on this front entrance to soften it a little.

This front pocket of the yard will be wonderful to put my garden bench and sit watching the birds frolic.  I think we will also dream of faery's.

I am getting so excited to de-clutter as I pack, move and settle in our new home.  It is a bit quirky, and I just love it.  We are going to embrace most of it's quirkiness, and change only some things.

Oh - I almost forgot to tell you about our date night.  My mum watched the kidlets, and my Mister J took me to the movies and my new favorite restaurant!  This place was so inviting, relaxing and wonderful service.  The light fittings were VERY inspiring too!

I am so thankful for my life - some of what I share may seem a bit trivial. I hope not, but I am thinking this right now as I have just discovered an old church friend lost her daughter four days ago.  xo


  1. Sounds like you are going to be able to build such an amazing life for yourself and your family Rach, in your new home. Talia xx

  2. YAY!!! A new home! It looks wonderful, I love the white window frames too and I can just imagine a lovely little deck out the front. Those light fittings at the restaurant are gorgeous as is that pretty little bird and frame from your sweet girl.

  3. Rach you are so blessed - not just for all that you have - but because you are able to appreciate all the little (not trivial) beautiful things that make life so precious. But I know what you mean about life and loss and perspective...

    BUT - how exciting! A whole new world awaits you and your dear family. What a fantastic garden, and a classic cream brick beauty! I agree with you about trees - when we were househunting (both times) it was always houses with big trees that won me over. Trees are essential for me - even in inner suburbia!

    Miss G is amazing - what a gorgeous picture. I love the photo of you two with the sunshine streaming behind you.

    Oh, and happy birthday sweet girl.

  4. A lovely little space, welcome to the big land of the blog x



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