Wednesday, January 19, 2011

some people I know think that I'm craaaaazzzzyyy....

Love that song.  I am feeling a tad crazy at the moment.  Surrounded by boxes.  The move next week was hanging by a thread this morning - oh it made me feel sick to my stomach.

I am missing gardening - my tomatoes are growing slowly. I want to prune back and tidy the yard for the new owner.  Missing planting new vegetables though.  No strawberries with this cool Melbourne weather.  No sewing - no crafting (it's all packed) - ahhh the serenity?  Might have to hit the op-shops this afternoon and then take the children out for ice-cream.

The stall is filling up.  I still have more boxes to pack.  Mister J has not packed any of his 'stuff'.  I have told him his boxes of computer gadgets, go-cart bits, paperwork and excess clothing cannot come into the house until they are sorted.  Oh my I am bossy.

I am SO looking forward to moving - and love where we are going in all ways.....  Not just the house, but the change in schools, more trees, bigger yard, smaller community, birds singing - ahhh sounds a bit like La La Land!

Here are some of the things I will miss a little from our home - only worldly treasures I know.

This painting I painted on our paling fence.

Coming in the front door and popping my bags on this - oh so simple - and yes, I can put another one in the new house.

My chandeliers.  And our gorgeous little cubby house laden with Cecil Brunner roses.

What are you up to today? xo


  1. The new house sounds lovely. I love having a major cull before moving but don't so much enjoy the packing/unpacking.

  2. I love the painting on the fence too. Shame you can't take it with you. I hope the move goes smoothly.
    Not much for me today. Been potty training the toddler so had a few days at home. Went to the inlaws farm 10mins away to see how'd she go and thankfully no accidents! We're both so exhausted though. She is sleeping on the floor, I have to go cook dinner. No rest for the wicked (or mothers!)
    xo MODELmumma

  3. At least the painting can come with you in the header of the blog. It is really sweeT! i think we all can feel with you in the bittersweetness of moving house! soon there won't be much time to feel sad with all the unpacking and re-decorating. ;o)
    have a nice day

  4. Can you take the frame? Don't forget to take cuttings of your favourite plants - although that doesn't really work for roses does it?

    I've been making log cabin quilt squares today for the Quilts for Queensland drive. So satisfying!

  5. Love the painting on your fence, I can see why your sad to leave it. Just think you will be able to paint a bigger and better one in your new home!

  6. That fence painting and frame is FANTASTIC!!
    I love it! How clever!
    best wishes always Catherine xoox

  7. Moving can be hard, a bit scary too but it sounds like you are moving to a lovely place with so many positive things to look forward to. When you settle in you can start decorating the new fence:) xo

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