Sunday, January 23, 2011

Squiggly Sundays - bedside tables

I love getting lost in quirky little things in people's blogs.  Obviously my brain is feeling much better - and this is my time while I blog.  Time to learn, read and experience outside my own world!  Some fun while I have four autistic boys under 9 in my home today.

So each Sunday I am going to share something quirky with you.  Join in and have some fun with Squiggly Sundays!  Copy and paste this picture with a link in your sidebar if you would like to be part of the quirky fun.

So, her goes... my first Squiggly Sunday post....

What would be on my bedside table?  The bedside table of a mother of three, a thrifter, crafter, slightly neurotic and whimsical person?  What's on your bedside table?  Don't clear anything off - I didn't.

My two favorite necklaces and hair clips hung over my lamp.
'Raising Boys' by Steve Bidulph;
a tube of Goanna Heat Cream.
One of Miss G's false eyelashes from her concert 6 weeks ago;
her two fake glue on earrings and concert program.
A price tag from the Squiggly Rainbow stall.
Two bracelets, one of them beaded by Miss G.
My Bible and the TV remote.
A jewelery box given by my old boss for my 21st birthday.
A hand-painted jewelery box made by Mister J's Nan.
4 bobby pins and a piece of 
 red ric rac!


Hope your Sunday is a squiggly one - maybe you'd like to show us your bedside table!

1 comment:

  1. I am intrigued at what people keep on their bedsides, and it nice to see unstaged pics.

    I have passed an award on to you...have a fab week.



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