Tuesday, January 18, 2011

thrift share tuesday & dolly making

Each week I love to share with you the thrifted treasures I find on my op-shopping, car-boot and yard sale travels.  Most item's will then be found at Squiggly Rainbow's stall in Tyabb's The Vintage Shed.  So I will begin with my first official thrift share Tuesday which will be linked in with this with this most inspirational thrifting blog (the first blog I ever read) and Sophie's blog who is an Australian thrifter.

Yesterday we took the family to Scienceworks.  I must say it was the best place you can take an avid thrifter as well as an autistic family.  Master S and Master J (even Miss G for that matter) loved the interactive play based activities.  This was a wonderful day out for our family.  The boys appeared calm amidst large groups of people.  The exhibitions are extremely stimulating for the mathematical mind and those who like to stim (repetitive movements often associated with autism spectrum disorders).

Thankfully my highlight was experiencing a positive day out with my autistic boys and neuro-typical daughter at the same venue.  My creative non-mathematical mind was delighted to find the 'home' exhibition had wonderful showcase of vintage items - I had my fix of more thrifting education.  I even spotted this little calender my mum has always had.

So many vintage toys.

Here is what I found this week.  Twelve lovely 120 year old cedar house corbels from a little old house in Walkerville.

After our trip to Scienceworks.  We checked out the op-shops in Williamstown.  My only score for the day was this gorgeous art-deco mirror. I am tempted to keep it.  I love these mirrors.  The packing boxes I picked up last week, they will make someone lovely shelves.

This thrifted vintage fabric will be used for some of the dolly's I will be making for some Queensland flood affected people.

I hope to hear all about your finds too, much love xo

Join in sharing your thrifting finds - pop your link in below!


  1. Oh my I would be in heaven at an exhibition with vintage wares such as that :)

    I too love mirrors, my hubby would tell you we have far too many but no I think not! and those boxes...love them. That fabric is also pretty divine.
    Good score.

  2. Thanks Tammi! I am so tempted to keep it - will see if it sells first over the weekend! xo

  3. Dear Rachel,
    I wanted to comment yesterday, but there was something on the net and I could only read your post about gratitude and not write. Anyway you stayed with me all day (I carried you around Florence, did you notice?)and it has been a 'meditation day' in which I counted my blessings. Thank you for making me focus on what really matters.

  4. arcane, oh - thankyou to you! Your post has blessed me very much. I'm feeling a bit lonely today - had a house full with 4 autistic boys.

    Wow - would love to have joined you for a cup of coffee in Florence! xo

  5. understandably, that mirror is a keeper. it reminds me of my days in england, and my finding i couldn't transport one such mirror back home... keep!!!
    now, corbels... they are parts of fences perhaps? mhm....!

  6. How wonderful for you to find a venue the whole family could enjoy. If it's anything like the Science museums I've been to they change their child-aimed displays so you will hopefully be able to revisit again.

    That mirror is delightful and I want me some of those packing boxes!!



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