Tuesday, February 22, 2011

so much to tell you

We now indefinitely (I hope) have the internet back on and working at tremendous speed!  My husband appears to be very happy with this.  I must say I am too as it was in perfect time to start back at University yesterday.

I have so much to share, so am going to meander through many of the thoughts in my head to update you on my happenings!

I love hydrangeas and our new garden is full of them. 
 I love finding the skeletons of leaves or flowers.
The children are still loving the new school.
University started yesterday online by distance education.
I have had a great few days of thrifting.

Might head out to Belgrave after blogging for some more thrifting.
Thinking about getting into the market scene.
Emerald has a monthly market and I found the application for a stall online.
Miss G is excited about helping t the market.
I think I would really enjoy a little extension of Squiggly Rainbow.
Heading down to Tyabb this week to re-stock the stall.
Sprayed the blackberries this morning.
Still no new kitchen.
Or bathroom.
Or Laundry.

We made bird feeders last night.
Lots of fine motor activity involved in this.
The boys struggled.
I still made them do it.
Peanut butter, pine cone and bird seed tied with cotton to a tree.

Love that we can so many more outdoor things with the move.
Love watching the birds from our kitchen table.
Made my first online order to Bendigo Woollen Mills.
Sewing together the green square quilt.
Master S check it over to see if it was okay.
It all came down to how it felt as he ran his hand along the squares.
Ah, the sensory experience.
Teachers so wonderful at The Blessed School.

This is my view as I type from me to you.
Going to wash some dishes now and warm up my hands.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Finally the internet is working in our new home.  I was so overwhelmed earlier today about how much I have to do, picking up my especially anxious middle child, and doing all those motherly tasks.  Mister J gave me his first ever Valentine's gift and I burst into tears.

I have not created much in the last six weeks.  Creating my new blog banner has relaxed me enough to soldier on.  I will be sharing some new things with you all as we enter this new stage of our life.  I am pondering what Squiggly Rainbow's business adventures will be.  We had a wonderful month of January at The Vintage Shed in Tyabb.  New retailers for my creations have popped up - and I am yearning to create.

Here are a few happy snaps to share our new home with you - the boxes are slowly diminishing!

We are thinking of building a conservatory out of this window - extending the floor-line about two metres out and opening onto a deck.

I love this little nook.

This is my kitchen today.  The renovation should begin in about two weeks!  

Monday, February 7, 2011

squiggly has landed and I have some news!

We are here, landed in Avonsleigh - safe - not too fragile and half unpacked!  The children started school one week ago now - the computer and phone connected just yesterday.  And I have one pocket of the house looking neat and home-like!

I am loving it - although it feels a bit foreign.  I think it's the bathroom and kitchen and mess that are foreign to me, (I'm a tad of a clean freak)!  Once the bathroom and kitchen are renovated - I am sure we will all be feeling more at home.  Mister J is happy to visit IKEA tomorrow and buy the start of the kitchen reno stuff.  That is very exciting!  One thing is for certain - I know we are meant to be here - and am very thankful for my prayers being answered.

The most exciting news apart from the sounds of birds (and my Master's S and J watching with the binoculars and field guide to birds books) is...... The start of school at what I will call The Blessed School.  All three of the children were feeling at home after the first day.  My Miss G was the most nervous - not surprising starting Grade 6.  By the time I picked them up - the children could not wait for the next day.  Today as I dropped them off - my Master J was walking to the office with his prep friend holding hands to deliver a notice to the office-lady!  I was so proud.  I didn't think he would be capable of doing that.  The school is very small and has beautiful gardens and such a caring staff.  Prep to Twelve is a total of 230 students.  It is my 'Blessed School' - I am blessed that my children can go here, children on the Autism Spectrum and those who are not are all treated the same - as an individual whole person in their own right.  How blessed.

Okay, so the exciting news.  Well, there are actually three tales to this news.  Firstly, I have successfully transferred to the University of Tasmania to complete the rest of my degree by distance education.  The goal is to become a kindergarten teacher.

Second highlight is my willow hearts will possibly be featured in Home Beautiful magazine.  A Mornington-Peninsula lady had purchased one from The Vintage Shed, and it is hanging on her mantle piece.  She told me her home will feature in the magazine and the willow heart will be part of the shoot.  More good news with my weaving - I was approached by the lovely Val at Cumquat Interiors in Malvern for some hearts.  Val is using them as part of her Valentines Day display in her exclusive store.  I am hoping to share some pictures with you soon.

Our night walks are gorgeous with the abundance of natural wonders.  The children are loving all the small experiences like floating a leave in the water run-off on the side of the roads.  Building a forte under the trees and taking pictures around our garden.

What are you blessed with today?


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